Monday 26th October 2020
Title: Sustained in the Silence
Pastor Soong Kok Kee

Psalm 94: 18
When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O Lord, supported me.

Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) was the founder of the China Inland Mission and a great servant of our Lord. Reading his biography many years ago, one line stuck in my mind – the sun will not rise without seeing Hudson Taylor on his knees praying for the souls of China. Such a great spiritual giant and prayer warrior was he. Yet, he was just a mere man like you and I, for after the ferocious Boxer Rebellion of 1900, in which hundreds of his fellow missionaries were killed, Taylor was emotionally devastated and his health began to fail. Nearing the end of life’s journey, he wrote, “I am so weak that I cannot work. I cannot read my Bible; I cannot even pray. I can only lie still in God’s arms like a child and trust.”

My dear brothers and sisters, have you and I not passed through a time when we were tired of body and sick of heart? Do you find it difficult to focus your mind on biblical promises? Has it become hard for you to pray? Don’t write yourself off as a spiritual castaway or a failure. You are just joining a host of God’s people who have experienced the dark night of their soul. David, in many of his psalms, felt like that. As did the great prophet Elijah who ran from the wrath of Jezebel. In our journey through life, all of us have gone through those dark valley experiences when we felt lost and frightened and hopeless. We are only human.

When such times come upon us and they will, if not already – all we can do – indeed, all we need to do – is to lie still, like a child in the arms of our heavenly Father. Words aren’t necessary. A comforting father doesn’t expect his child to make speeches. Neither does God. He knows we need His soothing love and care. In times of trouble, His love holds us up (Psalm 94:18). We can trust Him to carry us through that dark night of our soul and out again into the dawning light.

Dear Lord, thank you for reminding us that all of us would go through those dark nights like the psalmist David, Taylor or Elijah. We will not tarry, but we will go through because you will always be there to hold us in love and care. Hang on to us Lord, that we will not slip or fall and if we do, and we will Lord, let us not grovel there but help us to get up and walk again. In Jesus precious name we pray, AMEN.


我若说:“我失了脚!” 耶和华啊,你的慈爱必扶持我。

哈德森•泰勒 (Hudson Taylor, 1832-1905)是中国内地会的创始人,也是我们的主的伟大仆人。许多年前读过他的自传,自传里有一句话一直停留在我的脑海里 —— 不看到哈德森•泰勒跪下为中国的灵魂祈祷,太阳是不会升起的。他是如此一位伟大的属灵巨人和祷告战士。然而,他只是像您我一样的平凡人,在1900年凶残的义和团之乱 – 拳民起义之后,他的数百名传教士同伴被杀害,泰勒的心绪崩溃了,他的健康开始日渐走下坡。生命旅程即将结束时,他写道:”我太虚弱了,无法工作。我不能读圣经; 我甚至不能祈祷,我只能像孩子一样躺在上帝的怀抱里,信靠祂。”


当如此时刻临到我们时(如若还没临到,终必会临到)—— 我们所能做的 —— 事实上,我们所需要做的 —— 就是像孩子一样静躺在天父怀抱里。不需要有任何的言语。一位使孩子得安慰的父亲不会期待他的孩子这时候讲话。上帝也一样。祂知道我们需要祂安抚的爱和关怀。在困难时期,祂的慈爱必扶持我(诗篇94:18)。我们可以信靠祂带领我们度过属灵的漆黑夜晚,再进入黎明的曙光。