Sunday, 20 July 2020
Confidence in God
By Elder Tan Seng Kee

Psalm 71:5

The first line of Psalm 71 begins with a call to trust in the Lord. We put our trust in many things in our daily lives. We get into our car trusting it to take us to our destination. We trust our hand phones and many third parties apps to direct our road routes and to do all kinds of banking transactions including to trade in Bursa Malaysia’s shares. Millions of Ringgit is spent on advertisement to persuade us to use and trust these third parties apps, which sometimes fails us but we quickly go back to using them again because in this modern day technology driven world, we can’t do without them and often I suspect we want to give it another chance and hope they will do better. Through the many years God has given us whether we have lived 20 years, 40 years, 60 years or 80 years as in many PBC’s Karis members, we have seen the goodness of God in our respective journey of life in many situations but often intermingled with other days of silence when we walk in despair through difficulties seemingly all alone.

In Psalm 71:5, the Psalmist tells us “For You are my hope, O Lord, God; You are my trust from my youth.” God reminds us that we must put our hope in God and place our trust in Him. 4 take- away lessons from this verse.

  1. We hope for better days. We hope for the Covid-19 vaccine. We hope our Malaysian economy will not deteriorate further. The hope list goes on and its urgency differs from individuals. We hope because we do not have all we wish for and there are problems we cannot solve. The Bible tells us that Jesus is our hope. Instead of struggling in fear and desperation, we can put our hope in Jesus. It means we pray and look to God for the solution and the answer. God will always ‘feed’ us more than we ask, our last Sunday’s children devotion speaker reminded us.
  2. Trust means a belief in someone or something. As Christians my trust in God means a firm belief in the reliability of God. The Bible contains many promises of God we can rely on in times we need to trust Him most. The promise I hold on most assuredly is Psalm 89:34 – “No, I (God) will NOT break my covenant. I (GOD) will not take back a single word I said.” Whatever God has promised He will do it. Read the Bible to know God’s promises and trust Him to deliver.
  3. So after we put our hope in God and place our trust in Him, do I just sit back and wait for Him to deliver on His promises? The answer is No. I must continue to think through the issues, take actions and put in efforts to attempt resolution. I will do my best but I also will whole heartedly trust and depend on God to provide His best for my life. Psalm 90:17- “And may the Lord our God show us His approval and make our EFFORTS successful.”
  4. I will pray that I will be confident in my God. It is difficult to pray through all issues in our lives, in our church, in our nation and in everywhere else that matters to us. A more reliable approach is to ask God to help me have confidence in Him so that whatever challenges may come, I remain steadfast and sure my God is there with me and for me. Psalms 27:13- “Yet I am CONFIDENT I will see the goodness of the Lord here in the land of the living.”


Lord, God creator of heaven and earth, please give me confidence in You. Help me to put my hope in Jesus and to trust Jesus. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.





  1. 我们盼望有更好的日子。我们盼望能得到Covid-19的疫苗。我们盼望马来西亚经济不会进一步恶化。我们盼望的事情往往没完没了,其紧迫性与个人不同。我们盼望,是因为所盼望的一切没有实现,而有一些问题是我们无法解决的。圣经告诉我们耶稣是我们的盼望。我们把盼望定于耶稣身上,就不必在恐惧和绝望中挣扎。这说明我们要祷告并向上帝寻求解决方法和答案。我们教会儿童崇拜的牧师在他的灵修分享提到:上帝喂养我们,常常喂得比我们所寻求的多。
  2. 信任/信靠就是对某人或某种东西的信心。作为基督徒,我对上帝的信任意味着我对上帝的可靠性的坚定信心。圣经中有许多上帝的应许。我们在最需要信靠祂的时候,我们可以靠着这些应许继续。我最确信的应许是诗篇 89:34 — “我(上帝)必不背弃我的约,也不改变我(上帝)口中所出的。”上帝必定按着祂所应许的行事。读圣经,了解上帝的应许,相信祂必成就。
  3. 所以,我们把盼望放在上帝并信靠祂之后,我们是不是就可以坐下来等祂成就祂的应许?答案是不可。我必须继续深入思考问题,采取行动,并努力解决问题。我会尽我所能,但我也会全心全意地相信并依靠上帝为我的一生提供祂知道为最好的。诗篇90:17- “愿主我们神的荣美归于我们身上,愿你坚立我们手所做的工。 ”
  4. 我会祷告祈求上帝使我对祂有信心。我们很难在我们生活、教会、国家以及所有我们关心的地方,完全交托上帝。一个较可靠的方法是求上帝帮助我们对祂有信心,这样,无论面临什么挑战,我们都会坚定不移地,确信上帝在我身边,与我们同在。诗篇27:13- “我若不信在活人之地得见耶和华的恩惠,就早已丧胆了。 ”