Monday, 14 September, 2020
Pastor Soong Kok Kee

Psalm 20: 5-9

Last Monday we looked at the first 4 verses of Psalm 20, entitled A PRAYER FOR YOU. Today we will look at the remaining 5 verses and indeed it’s a prayer for all of us. We all need this prayer as we live our lives as brothers and sisters in the Lord and more so in this unprecedented time of the pandemic.

We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests. (v.5).

Victory is never a one-man accomplishment. We do not go into the battle all by ourselves. There are people who love us praying for us, encouraging and strengthening us as we fight the battles ahead of us – difficult ones – perhaps more difficult because of what the whole world is facing now – the pandemic, the political situation of our country, the economy, with millions laid off or losing their jobs and worse days yet to come. But as the family of God, we are all in this together. Paul’s exhortation comes to mind “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn (Rom 12:15). If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it (1 Cor 12:26)” That’s what the Church should be, we are never alone – caring and loving each other as the Lord grants all our requests to the glory of His name.

Now I know that the Lord saves his anointed; he answers him from his holy heaven with the saving power of his right hand. (v.6).

The word “anointed” in this verse means the king, the one anointed king. We all are also God’s anointed. What an assurance that is for us. Before we even pray, God our heavenly Father knows our every need and He will provide for us in every circumstance. He will answer us, He will save us – that’s the assurance we all have – what a wonderful God we have.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we will rise up and stand firm. (v.7-8).

The psalmist knows that horses and chariots are needed for battles but that alone is not enough. The world too has its sources of confidence and there’s nothing wrong with that, except that it is not enough. As we face the uncertain future, what do we trust in? What do we rely upon? There are many modern equivalents to these horses and chariots. Some trust in missiles and tanks, some in ancestry and education, some in connections and politicians, some in wealth and possession and one can go on and on. But the psalmist has learned through experience, probably painful experiences, that the only sure thing is to trust in the name of the Lord our God, for His promise to all who trust in Him is “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Josh 1:5). I have often stressed that if we trust in ourselves or our horses and chariots, we will be responsible but if we trust in the name of our Lord our God, He will be responsible.

O Lord, save the King! Answer us when we call! (v.9).

We see here an implied promise of continued prayer. The people are saying “Give victory to the king, as we keep calling upon you, O Lord”. This is the promise and reminder to all of us to keep on praying for one another. As we pray for one another, God will continue to supply us with what is needed to take us through our problems, the perils, the dangers, and the battles of the years that lie ahead of us. No one knows what lies ahead for our family, our church, our country, and the world. But we know for sure our God will hear us and answer our prayers as we call upon Him. So let us constantly, without ceasing, keep one another in prayer.


Dear Lord God, thank you once again for reminding us that in our day of trouble, we can call upon you and you will hear us. May the name of the Lord of Jacob protect us. May you send us help from the sanctuary and give us support from Zion. May you remember all our offerings, and regard with favour our burnt offerings! May you grant our heart’s desires, and fulfil all our plans! May we shout for joy over our victory and in your name lift up our victory banners. May you dear Lord, answer all our prayers. In the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray.


星期一, 2020年9月14日


上周一,我们看了诗篇20的前四节经文,题为“为你祈祷”。 今天我们将看剩下的五节经文,这的确是对我们所有人的祈祷。 我们在主里称为兄弟姐妹,生活里都需要如此的祷告;而在这个前所未有的大流行疫情时期,更是如此。
【诗20:5】我们要因你的救恩夸胜,要奉我们 神的名竖立旌旗。愿耶和华成就你一切所求的!

胜利从不是来自一个人的成就。 我们不会独自一人上战场。当我们在前方争战时,有爱我们的人在为我们祷告、鼓励和坚固我们 – 艰难的 – 由于全世界现在正面临的挑战,也许会是更加艰难的 – 大流行疫情、我们国家的政治局势、经济、数百万人被解雇或失去工作,更糟的日子还没来到 。但是在上帝的大家庭里,我们是同舟共济的。 我想起了保罗的劝告:【罗12:15】要与喜乐的人同乐;要与哀哭的人同哭。【林前12:26】假如一个肢体受苦,所有的肢体就一同受苦;假如一个肢体得光荣,所有的肢体就一同快乐。教会本应如此,我们永远不会孤单 – 我们彼此关怀和相爱,主按照祂的荣耀应允我们所有的祈求。


在这节经文中,“受膏者”一词的意思是君王,一位受膏的王。 我们也是上帝的受膏者。 这对我们来说是何等的确据。 在我们祷告之前,我们在天上的父,早已经知道我们的一切需要,在任何情况下祂都会供应我们的需要。 祂会应允我们、祂将拯救我们 – 这就是我们所有人的确据 – 我们的上帝是多么的奇妙。

【诗20:7】有人靠车,有人靠马,但我们要提耶和华-我们 神的名。

诗人知道战争中需要马匹和战车,但仅此还不够。 世界也有自己的信心之源,这也没有什么不对的,只不过这还是不够的。 当我们面对不确定的未来时,我们 信靠什么? 我们要依靠什么?
这些马匹和战车有许多现代的等效配备。 有些人信赖导弹和坦克,一些人信任祖先和教育,有人倚靠人脉和政客,另有些人依靠财富和产业,不胜枚举。但是,诗人通过经验,可能是痛苦的经验,已经了解到,唯一确定的事情就是相信主我们上帝的名,因为祂对所有信靠祂的人的承诺是【书1:5】“我必不撇下你,也不丢弃你。” 我经常强调,如果我们倚靠自己、马匹和战车,我们将为自己负责。但如果我们信靠我们的主,我们的上帝,祂将会负责到底。


我们在这里看到了继续祷告 暗示的应许。 百姓说:“主啊,我们不断呼求祢,赐国王胜利。 这是提醒我们互相代祷的应许。 当我们互相代求时,上帝将继续向我们提供所需的,以使我们可以渡过面前的问题,危险和前面岁月的各类战争。 没有人知道我们家庭、教会、国家和世界的未来。 但是我们可以肯定知道的,当我们求告祂时,我们的上帝会听见,并会应允我们的祈祷。 因此,让我们继续不断地彼此代祷。

亲爱的主,再次感谢祢提醒我们在艰难的日子里,我们可以向祢呼求,祢会垂听。愿雅各之上帝的名保护我们。愿祢从圣所向我们发出祢的帮助,并从锡安向我们提供支持。 愿祢记念我们向祢所有的奉献,并悦纳我们向祢献上的供物! 愿祢赐我们内心的渴望,并实现我们所有的计划! 愿我们为胜利而欢呼,并奉主的名,举起我们的得胜旌旗。亲爱的主,愿祢应允我们所有的祷告。 奉主耶稣的宝贵名字祷告。