Wednesday, 09 September 2020
Title: How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
Author: Pastor Wallace Ong

Psalm 139: 17 – 18
17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
18 If I would count them, they are more than the sand.
I awake, and I am still with you.

The world we are living in is full of surprises. Daily news transmitted through the media can surprise us; events happened to friends and family members can startle us, and often our own inconsistent behaviour can also shock us. How can we cling on to and take comfort in an ever-changing world and a constantly shifting environment? As Christians, the answer is found in our relationship with our Father in Heaven through His Son Jesus Christ.

If we examine more closely Psalm 139: 17-18, the passages teach us that God our Father’s thoughts toward us are both “precious” and “great.” His thoughts toward us are valuable, powerful, and numerous. The number of His thoughts concerning us is infinite and uninterrupted — even outnumber the grains of sand on the seashore. The God who created everything from nothing by His word – there is nothing that He cannot do yet He is thinking of us, each and every one of us who belongs to Him. Isn’t that thought alone excites you or encourages you? I must admit that I felt rather strange when I first heard someone said to me, “God spends His time thinking about you”’ However, this is exactly what the Bible teaches us.

When King David said “How precious,” the Hebrew word yaqar (yaw-kar’) was chosen. It literally means apparently, brightness, clear, costly, excellent, to be heavy (figuratively) valuable; to make rare – be (make) precious, and be prized. God’s thoughts toward His children are infinite and yet rare and valuable – that should give us confidence, stability, and strength. I know some people may say, “Yes, God’s thoughts were toward David because he was a great man and a mighty king of Israel, but as for me, ‘I am a nobody’ – will these verses also apply to me? The Bible tells us more about God’s love and how we are important to Him by the work of His Son Jesus on the cross. God gave His one and only Son to us so that we can have salvation in Christ Jesus. There is nothing worthy that we have done to earn or deserve such a reward or attention. The great divine salvation plan for mankind executed through His own begotten Son is a great testimony of God having us always in His thoughts.

King David took comfort through his relationship with God and we can do the same because He is an unchanging God “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13: 8). When we know that He loves us, His plans for His people are most precious and His thoughts for us are innumerable and most relevant, we can be rest assured that every morning, when we awake, God is still with us extending His thoughts toward us.


Dear Heavenly Father,
We thank You Lord for Your unfailing love. We are humbled by the fact that the all-powerful, all-knowing, Almighty God of the universe thinks about us though we are insignificant, foolish, broken, sinful and unworthy. We thank You for Your grace that saves us and allows us to have a loving relationship with You. May this knowledge of You helps us to focus our lives on You, Your thoughts, Your plans, and to continually dwell on Your word. We pray in Jesus’ most precious name. Amen.

星期三, 2020年9月9日

【诗139:17-18】[和合本] 17 神啊,你的意念向我何等宝贵,其数何等众多!
18 我若数点,比海沙更多。我睡醒的时候,仍和你同在。


如果我们更仔细地研究诗篇139:17-18,经文教导我们,上帝我们的父向我们的意念既是“宝贵的”,也是“浩博的”。祂向我们的意念是珍贵的,而且是众多的。祂对我们的心思是无穷尽的、不间断的,甚至超过了海岸上的沙粒。上帝凭着祂的话从无到有创造了一切 – 祂没有什么不能做的,祂却竟记念我们每一个属于祂的人。光是这心念岂不令您振奋与鼓舞?我必须承认,当我第一次听到有人对我说,“上帝花时间在想你”时,我感到很奇怪。然而,这正是圣经所教导我们的。

当大卫王说“何等宝贵”时,他选用了希伯来语单词yaqar(yaw-kar’) 。它的字面意思是显然、明亮、清晰、昂贵、出色,喻意则指重、 可贵;使稀有-变得贵重和被珍视。上帝对祂儿女所怀的意念是无限的,但却稀有且可贵,这应给予我们信心、稳定和力量。我知道有些人会说:“是的,神眷顾大卫,因为他是个伟人,是以色列威武的君王;至于我,’我是无名小卒’,这些经文也适用于我吗?” 圣经告诉我们更多关于上帝的爱,以及透过祂的儿子耶稣在十字架上的工作,我们对祂是何等的重要。上帝将祂的独生儿子赐给我们,好叫我们在基督耶稣里得拯救。我们所做的都完全不配让我们赚取或该得如此的赏赐与关注。上帝藉着自己的独生儿子为人类实施的伟大而神圣的拯救计划,是上帝一直有我们在祂意念中的伟大见证。

大卫王透过与上帝的关系而得到慰藉,我们也可以这样做,因为祂是一位永不改变的上帝 “耶稣基督昨日今日一直到永远,是一样的。”(希伯来书13:8)。当我们知道祂爱我们、祂为祂的子民所作的计划是最宝贵的、祂对我们所怀的意念是无数的且是最相关的,每天早晨我们都可以放心,当我们醒来时,上帝仍与我们同在,向我们伸展祂的意念。