Friday, 28 Aug 2020
By Prathab V

Psalm 16:7-8 (HCSB)

7 I will praise the LORD who counsels me—
even at night my conscience instructs me.
8 I keep the LORD in mind always.
Because He is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.

It was an exceedingly difficult time. I was in a financial mess. Picking up the phone, I called my former pastor for advice.

“Hi, Pastor. I need to talk to you,” I said with a quivering voice, “I have made a terrible mistake. My stock market trading account was illegally used by a trusted friend. Only recently did I find out about it and I have a large debt to pay! Now, I am angry and want an explanation. I want him to take responsibility. What should I do?”

My pastor listened carefully. He then asked me how big the sum was. Today, the total amount of accumulated debts could have helped finance beyond the first year of my daughter’s university education! Now you know, why I was angry!

But strangely, my pastor appeared uninterested about my situation.

“Who is your friend who did this to you?” asked my pastor. At first, I hesitated to respond. Then I mentioned his name. A long pause ensued. An exceptionally long silence.

You see, the friend who misused my stock market account was a brother in Christ. Actually, he was also a well-known Christian leader! Then my pastor said: “Poor John (not his real name)! I wonder what kind of trouble he is in!” I was stunned. That statement suddenly pierced my heart deeply.

All along, I had only been concerned about MY problems. I had made the entire episode to be about ME. But here was my pastor, who instead of comforting me, was more worried and concerned for my friend!

I felt like a leper that day.

I had judged my brother. I did not show love and mercy. I eventually repented and changed my perspective. My pastor’s words made me ponder at how much John might have been suffering silently. John was really a very gentle and kind brother in the Lord. It just so happened that he was going through a very rough patch.

To cut the long story short, I decided to move on and forgave him. Eventually, John settled the problem, but I had also suffered financially. Forgiving John brought peace to my heart.

Looking back, I am glad that the Lord gave me the courage and counselled me through my pastor. The Lord taught me to see a problem from a different perspective. He humbled me. Now, at night when I sleep, I know my Lord is watching over me. The Lord encourages me to continue to follow Him despite the challenges around me.

John has since passed away. I miss him dearly, especially his infectious smile. On earth, he went through a terrible time. But he is in a better place now.

This morning, read Ps. 16:7-8. Know that the Lord is near us always. Let us not be easily shaken. All we need to do is to keep Him at the centre of our heart. Forget the world and its problems. Instead, focus on the Lord. He will take care of you.


Lord, when I feel the world around me is crumbling, please hold my hand. During those times of pain and difficulty, speak to me and show me what I should do Lord. Speak to me clearly so that I would understand, Lord. Forgive my sinful ways. Lead me to your path everlasting. In Jesus’ name, I ask. Amen.

星期五, 2020年8月28 日
作者:帕拉他伯(Prathab V.)
诗篇 16:7-8

7我必称颂那指教我的耶和华,我的心肠在夜间也警戒我。8 我将耶和华常摆在我面前,因他在我右边,我便不致摇动。


“嗨,牧师。我有事想和你谈谈。” 我颤抖地接着说, “我犯了一个糟糕的错误。我的股市交易账户被一位值得信赖的朋友非法使用。我最近才发现这件事,而且我还欠了一大笔债!我现在很气,想要一个解释。我要他承担责任。我该怎么办?”

我的牧师仔细听。 然后,他问我金额有多大。所累积的债务总额高达我女儿第一年的大学教育金额! 现在你知道我为什么那么生气了!


“这样对你的朋友是谁?” 我的牧师问道。起初,我犹豫,不知该如何回应。然后我提起他的名字。随之而来的是长时间的停顿。一段特别长的沉默。

你知道吗?滥用我股市账户的朋友是一位主内的弟兄。 事实上,他也是一名众所周知的基督徒领袖! 之后,我的牧师说:”可怜的约翰(不是他的本名)!”他究竟遭遇什么麻烦?我真的很好奇。” 我整个人惊呆了。 那句话突然深深地刺穿了我的心。

一直以来,我只关心我的问题。我把整件事关注在我的身上。 但是我的牧师,他没有安慰我,反而是更担心和关心我的朋友!



长话短说,我决定放下心里的疙瘩并原谅他。 最终,约翰解决了这个问题,但我也遭受了经济上的损失。 饶恕约翰使我心中有平安。

回顾过去,我很高兴主给了我勇气,并透过我的牧师辅导我。 主教导我从不同的角度看问题。 他让我谦卑。 现在,在晚上睡觉的时候,我知道我的主在守候着我。尽管面对周围的挑战, 主鼓励我继续跟随他。

约翰已经去世了。 我非常想念他,尤其是他那充满感染力的微笑。 在世上,他饱经风霜。 然而,他现在在一个更好的地方。