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Title: Joy of the redeemed – He is good
By: Abraham Verghese 亚伯拉罕·韦尔盖塞

Psalm 107:1-3 (Read the whole Psalm for the overall context)

While this is a choice song for the redeemed of the Lord (Ps 107:2), it may be sung by anyone whose life has been preserved in time of danger. It mainly magnifies the Lord for spiritual blessings. The theme is thanksgiving, and the motives for it.

Verse 1. Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!

Give thanks as it is all we can give Him, and the least we can give. Therefore let us diligently render to Him our thanksgiving. All we have comes from Him. Even the ability or desire to give thanks comes from what He has given to us as nothing is of our own.

The psalmist is in earnest in the exhortation. He uses the interjection “Oh”, to intensity His words. Let us at all times be thoroughly fervent in the praises of the Lord, both with our lips and with our lives, by thanksgiving and thanks living.

The psalmist passionately pleads with his readers to give thanks to God, and for good reason. This thanks is directed to God because He is good. God is to be worshipped with thanks, for He is good; and these thanks should be heartily rendered, for His is no common goodness: He is good by nature, and essence, and proven to be good in all the acts of His eternity – an eternity He wants to share with us.

Compared with Him there is none good, no, not one: but He is always good. We are the perpetual beneficiaries of His goodness, and therefore ought to magnify His name. Our praise should be increased by the fact that the divine goodness is not a momentary or passing thing, but His goodness is unending – goes on forever, His mercy is forever. That mercy has no beginning, and shall never know an end.

Verse 2. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from trouble.

Whatever others may think or say, the redeemed have overwhelming reasons for declaring the goodness of the Lord. Theirs is a peculiar redemption, and for it they ought to render peculiar praise.

The Redeemer is so glorious, the ransom price so immense, and the redemption so complete, that they are under repeated obligations to give thanks to the Lord, and to exhort others to do so. Let them not only feel so but say so; let them both sing and bid their fellows sing. Whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy. Snatched by superior power away from fierce oppressions, they are bound above all men to adore the Lord, their Liberator. Theirs is a divine redemption, “He hath redeemed” them, and no one else has done it. His own unaided arm was their deliverance.

Should not emancipated slaves be grateful to the hand which set them free? We were slaves to sin. There is NONE that have not sinned .The wages of sin (any sin – white lies to genocide) is DEATH – eternal separation from God. Only because of what Christ has done for us, as much as we do not deserve it, can we look forward to sharing eternity with Christ. Give thanks! Give thanks!

Verse 3. And gathered them out of the lands, from the east, and from the west, from the north, and from the south.

The captives of old were gathered and restored to their own land after their redemption. The Lord will gather His own into one body, and first on earth by “one Lord, one faith, and one baptism”, and then in His heavenly kingdom by one common bliss they shall be known to be the one people of the One God. He is a glorious Shepherd who collects the blood bought flock from the remotest regions, guides them through countless perils, and at last give them restful salvation.

We may have wandered one way or other and strayed as far as we could, and great is the grace and power by which we are all collected from all directions – east, west, north and south – into one flock by the Lord Jesus. With one heart and voice let the redeemed praise the Lord who gathers us into one.


Heavenly Father, whatever we say can never truly express the depth of our gratitude for all You have done for us. You sent Your one and only Son to be the unblemished lamb who though Himself was sinless became sin for us and died for the sins that we should have died eternally. Thank You for redeeming us from all sorts of places and all sorts of sins. In the name of our Saviour and Lord of our lives Jesus Christ, the soon coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen.

星期日, 2020年8月23日
题目:得赎者的欢欣 – 祂本为善
作者:亚伯拉罕·韦尔盖斯(Abraham Verghese)

诗篇107:1 3(阅读诗篇全文)

第1节: 你们要称谢耶和华, 因祂本为善, 祂的慈爱永远长存!

凡事谢恩,因为这是我们所能给祂的。 因此,让我们努力向祂献上我们的感恩。我们所有的一切都来自祂。包括谢恩的能力和渴望都是来自于祂所给予的, 因为我们本就是一无所有。


诗人激切地以很好的理由恳求他的读者感谢上帝。这个感谢是直接对上帝的,因为祂是良善的。上帝是必须在感恩中被敬拜的,因为祂本为善;而这感谢是必须尽情表现的, 因为祂不是普通的良善: 祂的本质是自然的美好,祂更证实祂所有关乎永恒的行动都是美好的 — 这永恒乃是祂要与我们共享的。

与祂相比,没有好的,没有,一个也没有:但祂永远是好的, 我们是祂良善的永久受益人,因此我们必须要宣扬祂的名。我们的赞美应当与日俱增,因为上帝的良善不是一时或短暂的事情,祂的良善永无止境,祂的怜悯永远长存。那怜悯无始无终。

第2节: 愿耶和华的赎民说这话,就是祂从敌人手中所救赎的。


救赎主何等荣耀,赎金何等巨大,救赎何等全然完成,以至于他们反复有义务来感谢主,并劝诫其他人同样如此行。让他们不仅如此感受, 更要如此说;让他们既歌唱也叫那些祂从敌人手中所救赎的同伴歌唱。凭借大能的力量从祸患中搭救他们,他们理应当仁不让尊崇敬拜他们的救赎主。他们是被上帝救赎的, “祂已拯救“他们, 无人曾如此行。 祂的膀臂是他们的拯救。

被释放的奴隶难道不应该感谢那些释放他们的人吗?我们是罪的奴隶。 没有人是无罪的。罪的工价(任何罪, 从说谎到种族灭绝)是死 — 永远与上帝隔绝。 但是因为基督为我们所做的一切, 不管我们是如何的不配,我们都能期望可以与基督一起共享永生。 献上感恩! 献上感恩!

第3节: 从各地, 从东从西,从南从北, 所招聚来的。

在全地所被俘虏的被聚集, 救赎后归回他们自己的土地上。 主会将属祂的聚集归一,起先在地上以 “一主,一信,一洗”, 而后在祂天上的国度里他们将以喜乐来成为独一上帝的子民。祂是荣耀的牧人,从最偏僻的地域聚集了以血所买赎的羊群, 带领他们经过无数的危险,最后给予他们可安息的救赎。



天父,无论我们说什么,都永远无法真正表达我们对祢为我们所做的一切的感恩。祢差派了祢的独生儿子成为毫无瑕疵的羔羊,尽管祂是无罪的,祂却因我们的缘故而成为有罪的,我们本因这罪而永死, 祂却代替我们的罪而死。感谢祢从各地各方和各式各样的罪恶中救赎我们。我们祷告是以拯救我们生命的救主耶稣, 那即将要来的万王之王万主之主的名而求。阿们。