Thursday, 20 August 2020
Title: The Lord will provide for your needs
Author: Arnold Lim

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is a very familiar psalm. Many of you would have committed it to memory. But today, I would like to focus just on verse 5, which reads as follows:

You prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies

What does it mean? When the Lord says that he will prepare a table for you, it means that He will provide for you – for your needs. He will enable you to put food on the table to feed you and your family. But not only that. Even in the midst of an “unfriendly” environment, the Lord will provide for you.

  • Have you been back-stabbed by a colleague that you thought was a trusted confidant?
  • Or faced an unreasonable superior that raised the KPIs each year by 20% without consideration of the external operating environment?
  • Have you been belittled at your workplace because you are a Christian?

If you have experienced any of the above, I would not be surprised. We live in a fallen world, and it is frequently at the office that we run into difficult characters.

It is best to ignore such situations at the workplace and concentrate on being a professional. Resist the temptation to side with any party. Resist the urge to ingratiate yourself with your boss.  When I was a young management intern in the 1980s, John Reed, Global Head of Citibank NA, said on a visit to Kuala Lumpur, “Just do your work well, and in time your effort will be recognised.” I found that LARGELY to be true at Citibank and other places where I have worked. God prepared a table for me. I experienced God’s protection and favour at companies that I worked for. The Lord provided for my needs even under the most difficult working conditions.

But the world is not perfect. At times, it may be best to leave, especially when we are asked to perform acts that are illegal or sign documents that contain false statements. Or we may be retrenched because the company is not doing well.

Some of you may be facing difficult business conditions in the current economic downturn caused by the recent COVID-19 lockdown. Be “strong and courageous” as God urged Joshua as he prepared to enter the promised land (Joshua 1:6). Like Nehemiah, before he rebuilt the wall at Jerusalem, seek the Lord on your knees and cry out to Him. Plan and strategize, commit the plans to the Lord, and move forward in faith, one step at a time (Nehemiah 2:11). But don’t forget to keep the Lord as your first priority in spite of the daily pressures, for the Lord has said, “seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given unto you” (Matthew 6:33). What are the things? The answer is found in Matthew 6:31 – food to eat; water to drink, clothes to wear.


Our Lord and Heavenly Father, You are an awesome God! You created the heavens and the earth, and all that are in it. We give You all glory, honour and praise. 

Today, we pray for Your grace and compassion for those whose businesses and jobs have been impacted by the economic downturn. First, draw them closer to You and may they seek You with all their hearts for You have promised that when we do that, You will be found by us.

Listen to our prayers O Lord, for You are a faithful God.  Help them, guide them and lend them Your wisdom. Prepare a table for them by helping them to recover from this downturn, step by step. Provide for their needs and their families.

We pray in Jesus name, Amen.

星期四, 2020年8月20日



到底是什么意思?当主说他会为你摆设筵席,这意味着他会为你预备— 满足你的需求。他会使你有能力为家人供应食物。但不仅如此。即使在对己不利环境中,他也必定会为你预备。

— 你曾否被你认为是可靠、知己的同事捅过一刀?
— 或是面对一个不合理的上级,在没有考虑外部经营环境的情况下,每年将关键绩效指标提高20%?
— 你曾否因为是基督徒而在工作场所被无视?


最好的处理方式就是在工作场合忽略这些情况,以专业的态度专心工作。抵挡任何结党的诱惑。抵挡讨好老板的冲动。当我还是80年代的年轻管理实习生,花旗银行全球主管John Reed拜访吉隆坡时说, “你只需要好好工作,你的努力就会得到认可。” 我发现在花旗银行和我工作过的其他地方,基本上真的是如此。上帝为我摆设筵席。我经历过上帝的保护,也受过工作过的公司的青睐。即便在最艰苦的工作条件下,主也满足了我的需要。


2019冠狀病毒病封城导致当前经济衰退,我们当中许多人可能面临艰难的商业环境。正如约书亚准备进入应许之地(书1:6)时,上帝告诉他,“当刚强壮胆”。就如尼希米重建耶路撒冷城墙之前请求上帝,你也可以学习在主面前跪下向他哭诉。做好规划和制定战略,然后将一切交托给主,一步一步地以信心前进(尼2:11)。 但是切记,尽管日复一日地承受着压力,仍要把主居首位,因为主曾说,”你们要先求他的国和他的义, 这些东西都要加给你们了”(太6:33)。 什么东西呢?答案就在马太福音6:31 — 吃的、喝的、穿的。