Tuesday, 18 August 2020
Title: Get Out Of That Pit
By: Pastor Isaac Yim

Psalm 40:1-3 (MSG)

1 I waited and waited and waited for GOD. At last he looked; finally he listened.
2 He lifted me out of the ditch, pulled me from deep mud. He stood me up on a solid rock to make sure I wouldn’t slip.
3 He taught me how to sing the latest God-song, a praise-song to our God. More and more people are seeing this: they enter the mystery, abandoning themselves to GOD.

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when you feel you are hopeless and helpless? In this Psalm David recalled one such situation which he has fallen into.

He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay (v2a NKJV)

A pit or a ditch is a man-made hole. David did not specify what the first pit was. David is stuck! His movements are limited and he can’t get out. He desperately needs help to get out of this muddy and sticky place. The second pit clearly involved the consequences of David’s sin (Psalm 40:12) and the many enemies who were trying to destroy him (Psalm 40:14-15). The pit could be any of a number of life’s trials.

Your pit could be poor health, former friends who have turned against you, an unfaithful mate, rebellious children, the loss of your job, your marriage on-the-rock, or any other unsurmountable problem you are facing. You may be responsible for being in the pit or you may be a victim of the sins of others. The second pit that David was in was a combination of both. Many Christians are living in such a pit. As long as we are not living in the joy and hope of Jesus Christ, we are in a pit. Jesus’ promise to us is to live life abundantly (John 10:10). The life of Joseph is a good illustration. He was thrown into the pit by his older brothers. He was framed by his boss’ wife and was thrown into the prison (another pit). Pit dwelling is just temporary, unless you choose to stay there or refuse to leave. But by the favour and grace of God, Joseph moved from the pit, to the prison and went on from there to the palace.

How do we get out of the pit? The view from the pit is very narrow and negative. Often it is filled with anger and bitterness. Satan will take you on a guilt trip or you engage yourself in a blame game. More positive folks may read self-help books to find ways to climb out of the pit. Before long you will discover that the more you try, the deeper you get into the mud. The Psalmist discovers that he needs a DELIVERER to lift and pull him out. In Psalm 40, David models for us how to wait on God.

David waited and waited intently on God. What does it mean to be waiting on God?

  • It means crying out to God for deliverance (40:1,13,17)
  • It also means putting your trust in Him alone and waiting patiently. (40:3,4,11)
  • It means remembering His many miraculous and providential care (40:5)
  • It simply means to listen and obey Him (40:6-8)
  • It means seeking Him (40:16)
  • It means rejoicing in Him (40:16)

Coming back to the first three verses of Psalm 40, David experienced wonderful things when he waited upon the Lord. David has this to say: God looked. God listened. God delivered. God put him on the solid rock. God gave him a song to praise God. As a result of David’s example of transformation, more and more people will come to trust and honour the Great and Mighty God of David (40:1-3).

Prayer for Today

O Mighty God, have mercy on me. I am living in the “pit.” Lord, why am I in the pit for such a long time? Lord, grant me the patience of waiting upon You. Teach me to actively wait on You. Forgive me for my impatience. I pray that You will change me as You change the situation, Lord. Convict me of an area of my life in which You want me to make a sacrifice of obedience, Lord. Deliver me from the pit and help me to sing joyfully to praise You. May many who will see my transformed life see You, fear You and put their trust in You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen


诗篇40:1-3 (新译本)

  1. 我曾切切等候耶和华;他转向我,听了我的呼求。
  2. 他把我从荒芜的坑里,从泥沼中拉上来;他使我的脚站在盘石上,又使我的脚步稳定。
  3. 他使我口唱新歌,赞美我们的神;许多人看见了,就必惧怕,并且要倚靠耶和华。


祂从祸坑里,从淤泥中,把我拉上来,(2节下 – 和合本)

坑或沟是一个人造的洞。大卫没有具体说明第一个坑是什么。大卫困在坑里了!他的行动受限,无法逃出。他急切地需要帮助,脱离这个泥沼中。第二个坑是大卫犯罪的后果(诗篇40:12)和许多想杀害他的敌人(诗篇40:14-15)。 这个坑可以是生命中许多试验的任何一个。

你处在坑可能是身体的疾病、反对你的朋友、不忠的伴侣、叛逆的孩子、失业、婚姻在摇摇欲坠、或是你面临的任何其他无法克服的问题。你可能是因为自己的罪而陷在坑里,也可能是因为别人的罪导致你在他们的坑里。大卫所处的第二个坑是以上两者的结合。许多基督徒都生活在这种坑里。只要我们不活在耶稣基督的喜乐和盼望中,我们就在一个坑里了。耶稣应允我们活出丰盛的生命(约翰10:10)。约瑟的生命是一个很好的例子。他的哥哥们把他扔进坑里。他被主人的妻子陷害,被扔进监狱(又一个坑)。 住在坑里只是暂时的,除非你选择留在那里或拒绝离开。但在上帝的恩典之下,约瑟从坑里搬到监狱,从监狱搬到宫殿。

我们怎能从坑里走出来呢?在坑内的视线很窄和负面。往往充满愤怒和苦涩。撒旦会带你去一个“内疚的旅行”,或者你也会让自己卷入一场“指责游戏”。较积极的人可能会阅读自助书,寻找爬出坑里的方法。不久,你就会发现,你越努力,你越深陷泥中。诗人发现他需要一个 拯救者 来把他拉出来。在诗篇40,大卫给我们立下如何等候上帝的榜样。

— 迫切的恳求上帝来搭救(40:1,13,17)
— 完全信靠神并以耐心地等待。(40:3,4,11)
— 纪念神所行的奇事和看顾(40:5)
— 听从并遵行神(40:6-8)
— 寻求神(40:16)
— 在神里面找到喜乐(40:16)



全能的上帝啊,求祢怜悯我。我住在”坑”里。 主啊,我为什么在坑里待了这么长时间?主啊,给我耐心等候祢。教我如何积极地等候祢。我不耐烦时求祢原谅我。主啊,我求祢,在改变我的现状时也一同改变我。主,感动我在生命中的某个领域给祢献上顺服的祭。把我从坑里搭救出来,使我唱歌赞美祢。愿许多人因看见我已改变的人生而看见祢、敬畏祢,依靠祢。