Sunday, 16 August 2020
Title: Life in God’s Way
By: Elder Tan Seng Kee

Psalms 25:4

These past few weeks have been hectic, if not altogether traumatic in my life. There were concerns from several fronts as well as indecisions on others. I thought I was secure in my ‘wisdom’ and my many years of life experiences would enable me to find the most plausible decision to make and implement. Yet, it was not so as I struggled over options and different ways of attaining resolutions to issues.

It was when challenges were relentless and resolutions evaded me that in one of my morning prayers, I came to God and in frustration told God to take over and show me His way instead.

When I had no solutions, in desperation, I turned to Heaven for God’s direction. I was not given an immediate answer or solution. Issues were still there, but in the midst of it all, a slight sense of peace and rest began to take over in small portions initially and lately, a greater calming quiet began to settle in my heart.

The Psalmist in Psalms 25:4 asked God to ‘Show me Your ways, Lord, teach me Your paths’. A few lessons I learned from this short one verse:

1. I need to acknowledge that there are many things I do not know, situations I do not understand, and answers for problems I do not have. Accepting my obvious limitations enables me to stop relying on myself for the way forward and instead turn to God and ask Him to show me His way.

2. The Psalmist clearly says that after God had shown him His ways, God also teaches the Psalmist His paths. It seems like we either do not understand how to do things in God’s way or we refuse to follow His ways after He has shown it to us. We therefore need through personal devotion time, bible study, prayers, worship and fellowship with our brethren, to learn how to know and follow God’s path. As 1 Samuel 15:22 says, ‘To obey is better than sacrifice…’.

3. Instead of merely asking God to remove problems in our lives, we should ask God to show us where He is leading us through the challenges. Often, there is a lesson and a blessing in the journey and at the end of the race, a glorious hope awaits us who persevere with endurance and faith in God.


God, continue to show me Your ways and teach me Your paths so that I may walk the journey of life confident in the presence of my saviour Jesus each day and rejoicing in the glorious hope that awaits me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.



这几个星期我过得非常的忙碌,生活疲惫不堪心力交瘁。疑虑着前方不少的考量,后方其他事件更是犹豫不决。 我自认自己有智慧, 安如泰山, 加上多年的生活经验, 必定能让自己找到最合适的决策来制定和实施。可是事情却并不如我所料,我在多项不同的解决方案中苦苦挣扎。



诗人在诗篇25:4中要求上帝“耶和华阿, 求祢将祢的道指示我,将祢的路教训我”。


2.诗人清楚地指出,在上帝向他表明自己的道之后,上帝还教导了诗人当行的路。我们好似并不了解如何以上帝的道行事,或者在祂显示给我们的路之后我们还拒绝了跟随祂。所以我们必须引用个人灵修时间、查经、祷告、敬拜与团契来学习怎样知道并跟随上帝的道路。 正如撒母耳记上15:22 说,”听命胜于献祭…..“