Wednesday, 12th August 2020
Title: Then I Understood
Author: Pastor Wallace Ong

Psalm 73: 16 -17 (NIV)

16 When I tried to understand all this, it troubled me deeply
17 till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny.

In our Christian walk, it is important that we constantly check our spiritual eyesight. We might put our spiritual life in danger if we are not careful. Asaph, one of the authors of Psalms, confessed in his Psalms that he had almost fallen off the edge as he observed and contemplated the lives of the wicked and was envious of their success and prosperity. He had become bitter thinking that why the wicked lived life without struggles, while he himself had to face trials of many kinds. When he compared his life with the wicked and their wealth and easy lives, he felt aggrieved. It had even occurred to him that maybe all he had done to live right with God was in vain.

While he compared himself with the arrogant and those who were far from God, he admitted that actually he was envying people that deserve sufferings and punishment. However, when he came into the presence of God, he had a revelation. No longer was he walking with a blurry eyesight; instead he could see clearly. Asaph remembered God’s goodness which was bestowed upon His faithful people, the upright and the pure in heart. He testified that God is not for those who are far from Him. He will destroy those who practice falsehood. However, God’s unchanging love will continually be with His children. He will extend His helping hands and provide guidance to those who seek after Him. God’s children will be honoured and receive glory with their inheritance in His kingdom.

In his final profession, Asaph understood and saw clearly that, if he draws near to the Almighty God and fix his eyes on Him instead of relying on the temporary wealth and prosperity of the earth, he can be assured that God will be his perfect refuge. Similarly, we can have the same revelation when we come into the presence of God and fix our eyes upon Him.


Dear Heavenly Father, We thank You for Your presence with us as we are Your children. We thank You for Your Son, Jesus, for what He has done on the Cross, so that we, who believe in Him, can receive Your forgiveness and be reconciled with You as Your children. Lord, help us to constantly check our spiritual eyesight and fix our vision on You so that we will live our lives with eternity in view. May the Holy Spirit strengthen our faith whenever we get beaten down by life’s circumstances and save us from being caught up with the trappings of this temporary world and its value. Help us, Lord, to keep our eyes on You, O Lord, so that we will walk with confidence trusting in Your faithfulness and love for us. We pray in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

诗篇73:16-1716 我思想要明白这事,我就看为烦恼;17 直到我进了 神的圣所,才明白他们的结局。(新译本)

在我们基督徒的生命历程中,我们需要经常检查自己的灵性视力。倘若我们不谨慎,我们的属灵生命可能会处于危险。 诗篇的作者之一亚萨(Asaph)在他的诗篇中承认,当他观察及思考恶人的生活并嫉妒他们富足昌盛时,他险些失脚跌倒。当他想到为什么邪恶的人在生活上没有挣扎,而他自己不得不面对各种各样的考验时,心里感觉酸苦。 当他将自己的生活与恶人及他们的财富和轻松的生活进行比较时,他感到委屈。 他甚至想到也许他为神所做的一切都是徒劳的。
当他与那些傲慢自大和那些远离神的人比较时,他承认实际上他是在妒忌这些应受苦难和得惩罚的人。 然而,当他来到神的面前时,他得了一个启示。 他不再以模糊的视力行走。 相反,他可以清楚地看到。 亚萨回想起神实在善待他忠心的子民,恩待那些正直、内心清洁的。他作证,神是不支持那些远离他的人。 他将消灭那些虚假的人。 但是,神不变的爱将继续与他的儿女同在。 他将伸出援手,并引导那些寻求他的人。 神的儿女将在他的国度里得尊荣,并因他们所继承的获得荣耀。