Thursday, 6 August 2020
Title: Walk in obedience to Him
Author: Arnold Lim

Psalm 128
1 Blessed are all who fear the LORD,
Who walk in obedience to Him.

When we fear the Lord, we will obey his commands and walk in His ways. In obedience, we then put ourselves in the position to be blessed by God.
It is said in Proverbs 9:10, that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. So, fearing God also leads us to make decisions with wisdom so that we minimize falling into the numerous pits that life has laid out for us. This blessing is available to ALL who fear the Lord.

2-4 You will eat the fruit of your labour
blessings and prosperity will be yours
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
within your house,
Your children will be like olive shoots
around your table.


  • Eat the fruit of your labour, blessings and prosperity will be yours
    Our labour will not be in vain. After working hard, we will enjoy the fruits. The fruits will not be taken away from us. From our observations of life, we have seen people toil but with little reward.

These were two important crops in ancient Israel. The grapes and wine from the fruitful vine and the oil from the olive plants were not necessities for survival, but they made life so much better. A happy marriage and flourishing children greatly enrich life.

  • Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house
    The vine is a symbol not only of fruitfulness but of festivity.
    Good wives are also fruitful in kindness, thrift, helpfulness, and affection.
  • Children will be like olive shoots
    Olive trees take a long time to mature and become profitable. Patiently cultivated, they become quite valuable and continue to produce a profitable crop for centuries, longer perhaps than any other fruit-producing tree or plant. The olive tree is a symbol of longevity and productivity. So are children within the household of faith! They are not like grass, which is here today but is gone tomorrow. Rather, they are olive trees that in due time bear their fruit.

5-6 May the Lord bless you from Zion;
May you see the prosperity of Jerusalem
All the days of your life
May you live to see your children’s children –
Peace be on Israel

The blessing of the house of God shall come from Zion – the mercy seat of Jehovah. The priestly benediction which is recorded in Numbers 6:24-26, runs thus: “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”

The blessing extends to having a long and satisfying life, enabling him to see his sons’ sons. This is a great pleasure. Men live their young lives over again in their grandchildren. Does not Solomon say that “children’s children are the crown of old men?” So they are. This promise implies long life, and that life rendered happy by its being continued in our offspring.

Walk in obedience to Him!


O Lord and Heavenly Father, we are a sinful people prone to wander away from the path that You have set for us. We confess our sins. Forgive us, Lord, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness with the blood of Jesus, as You promised in 1 John 1:9.

Strengthen us, Lord, with Your Holy Spirit, so that we will walk in obedience to You. Bless us, Lord, that we may eat the fruit of our labour, and blessings and prosperity may be ours. And may our wives be like a fruitful vine and our children like olive shoots. Grant us Your grace and mercy so that we may enjoy a long and satisfying life.

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!

星期四, 2020年8月6日

诗篇128: 1 凡敬畏耶和华、遵行他道的人便为有福!

当我们敬畏上帝时,我们会听从他的命令,遵行他的道。为了顺从他,我们把自己摆在上帝的庇佑之下。 箴言9:10说,” 敬畏耶和华是智慧的开端,认识至圣者便是聪明。” 所以,敬畏上帝使我们以智慧做决定,这样我们就能避免掉落生活中无数的坑里。这祝福是所有敬畏上帝的人都能得到的。





橄榄树需要很长的时间才能成熟带来商业利润。 经过耐心耕种,它们变得非常有价值,在几个世纪里持续生产可获利的农作物,生长期可能比其他任何果树或植物来得更长。 橄榄树是长寿和生产力的象征。孩子们在有信仰家庭中成长也是如此! 他们不像草,今天在这里,明天就消失了。 反而,它们像橄榄树,在适当的时候结出果实。


上帝之家的祝福将来自锡安 — 耶和华的施恩座。祭司的祝福记载在民数记6:24-26:”愿耶和华赐福给你,保护你! 愿耶和华使他的脸光照你,赐恩给你! 愿耶和华向你仰脸,赐你平安!“

这祝福延伸到使人享有长寿和顺心的生活,能够看到他儿子的儿子。 这是多么令人欣慰。人都是透过儿孙们间接重回年轻时的生活。 所罗门岂不是说“子孙为老人的冠冕”吗? 的确是的。 这个应许意味着长寿,而生命在我们的后代中得以延续而变得幸福。



天父上帝啊,我们是有罪的人,容易偏离你为我们设定的道路。 我们承认自己的罪过。主啊,按照你在约翰一书1:9中的应许,赦免我们的罪,用耶稣的宝血洗净我们一切的不义。

主啊,你的圣灵坚固我们,使我们遵行你的道!主,赐福我们,使我们可以吃劳碌得来的果子,享受福气,凡事亨通。 愿我们的妻子像多结果子的葡萄树,我们的儿女像橄榄树苗。 赐给我们你的恩典和怜悯,使我们可以享有长寿和顺心的生活。