Sunday, 2 August 2020
Title: Investing for Eternity
By Elder Yu Chin Shie

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Moses, the author of Psalm 90, reminded us that God is eternal (from everlasting to everlasting) and we His created beings, have a transient life in this earthly world (ref. v 5 & 6 you sweep men away in the sleep of death; they are like the new grass of the morning – though in the morning it springs up new, by evening it is dry and withered.) Hence, we need to treasure our brevity of existence on planet earth and learn to make good use of it.

What does it mean to number our days?
Before a person decides to number his days (the remaining days left for him from now till he meets his Creator), he likely would have realised his mortality (contrasted with some who live as if there is no tomorrow) and started to prioritise how to spend his time in a wise manner with no regrets at the end of his earthly life.

Numbering our days will inevitably require us to start planning and to act on how to invest our time so as to leave a lasting legacy or, for a child of God, to invest on things which have eternal values.

For a believer in Christ, there are two things he can invest his life in and in which will last for all eternity.
The first thing – God’s Word. The second – People.
The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of God stands forever (Isaiah 40:8).
Then they will go away to eternal punishment but the righteous to eternal life(Matthew 25:46).

Why and how can we invest in God’s Word?
Things change, circumstances change, life changes but the Word of God (the Bible) does not change. What the bible claims to be true today was true 2000 years ago and will continue to be true tomorrow, in a year and in 2000 years. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty of life, lean on God’s truth … it won’t change.

We can’t possibly know much about God unless we study His Word diligently. I encourage you to embark on a bible reading program, like the Bible Project (you can download the app from App Store). It guides you to read the bible in a year from Genesis to Revelation by reading a few chapters per day. I also encourage you to attend a CG in the church, the Adult Sunday School, or be involved in any other bible study program individually or in a group like the BSF. Read Christian books and bible commentaries to increase your knowledge of God’s word and draw close to Him through your daily quiet time of bible reading and prayer.

Why and how do we invest in people?
When people die, they will be going to one of two places, heaven or hell. That decision will be made during their time here on earth. For this reason, it is important that we make sure others have received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Forever is a long time and we want forever to be in Heaven.
The people closest to us are our immediate family members. For those of us who are parents, we need to bring our kids up to know Jesus and leave behind a legacy of godly living. There is no greater joy for a parent to know his kids are committed to Jesus and honour God in all their ways. Priority should be set to nurture and bring up God honouring families. Do not neglect our spouses, parents and siblings if they are unbelievers.

Also, for our colleagues and friends and whoever the Lord has brought to our life path, we are to share the gospel and point them to Jesus. If any of our readers do not know how to share the gospel, please don’t hesitate to seek help from our pastors and church leaders, including the CG leaders for those who are in a CG of our church. Also, try to learn how to do follow up on young Christians whom the Lord might have led you to minister to them.


O God our Heavenly Father, we thank you today you have reminded us from your Word how we should count our days and live our lives with eternity in mind by investing our time in knowing your Word (and knowing you personally) and in people. Please help us to be faithful to do what is important and pleasing to you.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

诗篇90的作者摩西提醒我们上帝是永恒的(从恒古到永远),而我们身为祂的创造物只是有一个短暂的生命在这地上(参考第5和6节_祢叫他们如水冲去;他们如睡一觉。早晨他们如生长的草,早晨发芽生长, 晚上割下枯干。)因此,我们需要珍惜我们在地球上简短的存在,并学习善加利用它。 
第一件: 上帝的话。第二件: 人。 
以赛亚书40:8 草必枯干,花必凋残,唯有我们上帝的话,必永远立定。 
马太福音25:46 这些人要往永刑里去;那些义人要往永生里去。 
我们不可能更认识上帝除非我们认真学习祂的话语。我鼓励你开始阅读圣经,参与例如圣经计划(Bible Project)(可以从应用商店App Store下载应用程序)。它通过每天阅读几章经文,引导你在一年内阅读从创世纪到启示录。我也鼓励你参加教会的小组、成人主日学,或参与其他的独立学习计划或好似圣经学习团契BSF等计划。阅读基督教书籍和圣经评论来增加你对上帝话语的认识,并通过你每天的灵修读经祷告时间来亲近上帝。 
人死后,他们只有两个地方可以去, 天堂或地狱。这个决定将是他们还在地上时所必须做的。因此,最重要的是我们必须确保其他人已经接受了耶稣作为他们的救主。 
上帝我们的天父,感谢祢今天用祢的话语来提醒我们要怎样数算我们的日子, 使我们在剩余的日子有永生的盼望,能把我们的时间投资在学习祢的话语(和更加认识祢)和传福音给人。帮助我们可以忠心地来做祢看重并喜悦的事情。 我们奉耶稣的名祷告。阿们