Sunday, 19 July 2020
Our God Reigns
By Elder Tan Seng Kee

Psalm 99:1-3

Psalm 99:1 begins with a ‘loud’ reminder that God reigns, and ‘let the peoples tremble’. The Psalmist emphasises in verse 1 and 2 of Psalm 99 that God is on His throne and His majesty and strength is awesome and has no limits. The admonition to us is that whilst today, many events and things captivate our attention and drown our perspective; in finality, it is not illness, politics, profligate consumerism, or world events (many of which are beyond our control anyway) that should engulf our being and persuade our objectives.

Instead, the Psalmist encourages us to be mindful and fearful of God and God only to the exclusion of all others. To fear God can mean a trepidation or just being afraid of God or it can also mean acknowledging and desiring to honour God always.

Personally, I think a combination of both is necessary. To stand in awe of God’s presence means I must live my life right; and sins and dishonour of God must be consciously and willfully put away. To desire the honour of God means I must put God first in all I do. So, it is the church first on a Sunday rather than sports, or prayer first rather than binge watching of TV dramas. God first, in my life, also means that in all that I do, whether in my family or in church or in the secular world, my motivation is to catch a glimpse of whether my deeds and actions pleases God and consider how I can always do better as a disciple of Jesus.

Psalm 99:3 repeats that God is great, awesome, and deserves our praise. It is a cue to acknowledge and worship our true God. However, the lures of the world continue to blind our eyes away from God and suggest that pursuit of our own good and happiness is ‘godly’ enough. It is therefore necessary for us to continue sharing the gospel in order that all men will hear and turn to Jesus as Lord and savior.

Verse 3 of Psalm 99 ends with ‘He is Holy’. It is an affirmation that our great God is also a Holy God. It proclaims that we should work on holiness without compromise. Holiness is not minus fault; but includes a deep grief when we sin and fall short of the expectations of God. Grief here incorporates profound regrets and seeking God for forgiveness for our sins and desiring not to repeat sins.

Finally, the value of a person is measured by how well he/she knows God and how much he/she experiences God’s presence in their life. Time and again, I am reminded that when I can ‘walk through the valley of the shadow of death’ with no fear and secure in the comfort of my shepherd, then I have found life abundant and have lived it to the fullest. To God be the glory.


Our great God, we ask that you help us to continually recognise that you reign supreme. Help us to live a holy life and to share your goodness to a world that does not know you. In our life, enable us to love you and enjoy your comfort and presence every day. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

星期日, 2020年7月19日

诗篇99:3重复说上帝是伟大的,令人敬畏的,配得我们称颂。这意味着我们承认也敬拜我们的真神。 然而世界的诱惑继续蒙蔽我们的眼睛使我们的视线远离上帝,更建议我们足以‘在神里’来追求自己的幸福和快乐。因此我们必须要继续分享福音以便所有人都能听到并转向耶稣使祂成为他们的主和救主。
最后,一个人的价值取决于他/她对上帝的了解程度以及他/她生命中有多少与神同在的体验。我一而再的被提醒, 每当我行过死阴的幽谷,我必不惧怕, 因为我的牧者保守安慰我 ,我找到了丰盛的生命, 并充分的把这生命活出来。 一切荣耀都归给上帝。