Thursday, 16 July 2020
Title: The Promise Keeper
By: Hon Sir Neng

Psalm 132

How does it feel to receive broken promises? We feel betrayed, taken for granted and not being taken seriously. Contrary to all that is happening in the world, all the chaos and rampant evil, God has kept His promises. But the real question is, what are the promises that He has kept? Psalm 132 sings about God’s promises to David (2 Sam. 7) which is laid out for Israel, and eventually for the whole world. Let us look into it and hear what God says.

From verse 1-5, we see the psalmist’s plea for God to remember His promises toward David because of David’s love towards the Lord, as displayed in verses 2-5. All these are an act of worship towards God, especially when David vowed to find a place for God to “dwell” (2 Sam. 7). This is tremendous dedication by David because he will not enter his house nor sleep until he finds a place! In light of this, the people come and worship God (v6-7).

Verses 8-10 shows that God goes to His resting place, which is the Ark of the Covenant. This speaks about God’s dwelling presence with His people. This is because of God’s own promises towards David, where He will dwell with His people. As a result of God dwelling with them, the priests are clothed with righteousness – which is Israel’s calling to bring people to know God. The saints shout for joy as well, celebrating all that God has done for them. Then it ends with another plea for God not to turn their face against God’s anointed ones, the king, for the sake of His promise towards David.

Verses 11-12 elaborate on God’s promise to David. David’s descendants will continue to sit on his throne. But it is under the condition that all of them keep God’s covenant and His testimonies which He teaches them (v12). Only then, will His sons continue to be king over Israel.

In verses 13-18, we see God’s choice of Zion as His dwelling place. This reviews the sure oath that God swore to David. This promise is God’s answer to the prayer of verses 8-10. God promised to preserve the dynasty, and expects the individual heirs of David to be faithful to the covenant. With God present in Zion, which he has chosen, the people will be happy and secure (v15). Singing these words enable the worshippers to delight in their privileges, and not to take them lightly.

In light of all that we have read, we see God keeping His promises. During Israel’s misery in the exile, we see God faithfully preserving David’s kingly line and bringing them back into the Promised Land. Moving on further, we also see God’s faithfulness in keeping His promise towards David by sending Jesus Christ, the one born of David’s lineage to bring God’s Kingdom down and rule over all the nations by the power of His Word (Rev. 2:26-27). We have a sure and true promise given by God that His Son, who descended from the line of David, will rule over all nations.


As we take this time to pray, let us think about the fears and anxieties that we have in our lives. If we know God has kept His promises of His kingly rule through Jesus Christ, we have nothing to be afraid of. May we cast all our fears unto Him and trust that He is ruling with wisdom and justice, and all chaos and evil will end one day.

Because we trust in Him, we can also be assured that we have joy and security that is found in Christ. Though we may suffer in this lifetime, God’s promises will not fail. He will bring us to His dwelling place, where we will have our security and joy in Him. As we pray, may we also ask God to help us change our perspective of security and joy – that we find it in His promised King, Jesus Christ, rather than in things of this world.

星期四, 2020年7月16日