Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Title: Be Still!
Author: Pastor Wallace Ong

Psalm 46:10a – “Be still, and know that I am God;”

Have you ever been caught in an unexpected heavy downpour of a thunderstorm? This happened to me a few months ago when I took my family out for a quick lunch. My car was parked in an open-air area quite a distance away and without having any rain coat or umbrella, it was quite a challenge for us to get back to the car. I suddenly realized that I have an appointment waiting for me that afternoon. My wife, Grace, also had to rush home to get the dinner ready because we were expecting some guests in the evening. And my son, Carter, was eager to get back to his home-schooling work schedule. We could have gotten ourselves totally drenched if we had decided to run to our car in the rain.

With so many things yet to be done, we could react with, much anxiety and frustration, and might even blame each other for being so unprepared. However, we decided to walk to a coffee place a few doors away to sit and wait for the rain to stop. It was indeed a safe place to rest in the midst of the storm. As we gradually settled down, we calmly rearranged our afternoon plans. We took the opportunity to rest from our daily busy schedules over a cup of coffee and enjoyed each other’s company for a good one hour. The rain finally stopped. We walked back to our car having enjoyed a great family time together.

If we look at the global pandemic situation today, we may feel as if we are being caught in an unexpected thunderstorm, and in some parts of the world, it is more like a hurricane. We feel vulnerable, not sure where to find protection and peace. For most of us, this fear of being infected with the disease is overwhelming; we have never before faced with the reality of an invisible enemy that is lurking around in every corner. Normal life activities that previously seem so routine and ordinary now make us feel anxious and insecure. This includes our job, our business venture, attending the church, visiting a friend or simply running an errand for our home.  We are expected to live a new normal even post-pandemic. 

Psalm 46 reminds us that our hope is in Jesus as our refuge and strong fortress – a hiding place we can run to for protection from life’s unexpected and scary moments. Jesus is strong enough to shield us from the fiercest of our enemies. Most important of all, we need to learn to “be still” and know that HE is GOD. As God had commanded the people of Israel, He was not only telling them to “be still” or “to rest”, but to “stop fighting,” “cease striving” and opened their eyes to see who He is – the Almighty GOD of the heaven and the earth.

He is the God who has power over the universe and is in control of all things. In the midst of conflict and life turmoil, we just need to open our eyes, step back, stop what we’re doing, and acknowledge who God is and what He can do. He will surely grant us comfort and peace in the midst of our struggles. As we fix our eyes on Him in prayer and rest in him, we will be able to see things with a new perspective, and be revitalized with new wisdom, and strength, freely and bountifully given by Him.


Dear Heavenly Father, we praise You for Your faithfulness and Your steadfast love which endures forever. Your precious Word and promises encourage us to rest in Your love. We acknowledge that You are God. We ask that You give us a clear and discerning mind. Give us the ability to be still and know that You are our God. Grant us peace even when the world around us is filled with strife and conflicts. Open our eyes and increase our faith to trust in You as we wait upon You to work through circumstances, and people to carry us through difficult times. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

星期三, 2020年7月15日

诗篇46:10a “你们要休息,要知道我是神!”




诗篇46提醒我们,我们的希望在于耶稣,作为我们的避难所和坚固的堡垒—我们可以逃往这个隐蔽的地方,保护自己免受生命中意想不到及恐怖时刻的伤害。耶稣有能力保护我们免受敌人最猛烈的攻击。最重要的是,我们需要学习“停下来休息”,并知道他是神。正如上帝命令以色列人民一样,他不仅要告诉他们“静下来”或“休息”,而且要“停止战斗”,“停止奋斗”,并睁开眼睛看看他是谁— 全世界的全能上帝。