Sunday, 12 July 2020
Mercy – I didn’t get what I deserved.
By Elder Bryan Lee 李惠隆

Psalm 51: 1
Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.

As I reflect on the riots in the US these past few weeks I remember a riot in my school hostel. The year was 1970.
I was 15 and the blood of rebellion ran hot in my veins. One night out of sheer dislike for the hostel master we rioted and smashed chairs and tables and window panes. It was “fun” just like the rioters and looters in the cities across US.
But the fun ended on Monday. I was called to the headmaster’s office because as a prefect I set a real bad example. “Go pack your things and go home !” Mr Ratnasingam instructed in a stern voice.

Home was 25 kilometres away. Those days you take a bus home. How could I do that ? How would I face my parents ? Where could I bury my shame ? Is this the end of school for me ?

An hour later Mr Ratnasingam called me back to his office. “Have you packed your things ?” he asked.
I answered “Yes.”
“Go back to the hostel and never do this again.” he said.
On hearing that I immediately burst into tears. That day I wept like a baby in the headmaster’s office.

The mercy he showed overwhelmed me. That was not all. As he saw me weeping he beckoned to me to follow him to the school canteen. There he ordered a cup of hot milo for me to calm me down, in the teachers section of that canteen !
Smashing tables and chairs and window panes in the school was a real serious offence. I was a prefect and deserved to be expelled and I sure didn’t deserve that cup of milo. Where would I be today if not for the mercy of my headmaster ?

Our world is filled with hatred everywhere. As I watched the George Floyd video that went viral all over the world and hearing those pleadings of George and those witnesses nearby to the policeman who pinned him down, so much heartache, damage and more deaths would have been spared in the US and cities around the world had just one man heeded the pleas and showed mercy.

The Bible says the human heart is desperately wicked.
Sin has the power to overtake even the most faithful followers of Christ. Even David, the man after God’s heart, was not spared. He committed the most heinous sin (2 Sam 11-12) and pleaded for God’s mercy when convicted…..Have mercy on me O God.

I am not sure of Mr Ratnasingam’s religious inclination but because he was merciful to me I continued school and went to university in Kuala Lumpur. In university I encountered Jesus who showed me the “mercy of all mercies” and made me a child of God and changed my life destiny forever.

We are called to be merciful because our God is merciful.(Lk 6:36)
How can we do this ?
A man was walking by the seashore and he came across thousands of starfish washed ashore destined to die under the hot sun. He took one and threw it back into the waters. And another one. And another one.
A passerby watched and commented “There are just too many. Don’t waste your time. It doesn’t really matter.”
He took one more and threw it into the waters. “It matters for that one.” he said.

Showing mercy one at a time. If we do this people will see Jesus in us. And they will be curious to know Him.


Lord make us more and more like you. You showed acts of mercy everywhere you went when you walked this earth.
Help us your followers to show mercy to everyone we come in contact with. Today let me do one act of mercy to someone in need.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

题目:怜悯 – 我没得到我应得的


过去几周在美国所发生的暴乱,使我想起多年前我学校宿舍也发生过一次暴动。那时是1970年,叛乱的血液在我15岁的血管中泛滥。有一天晚上,出自完全不喜欢宿舍的监管长,我们砸碎了椅子,桌子和玻璃窗来进行骚动。感受着就像美国各地城市的暴徒和掠夺者一样的“乐趣”。但是所有的乐趣在星期一就结束了。我被叫到校长办公室,因为作为一个班长,我树立了一个真正的坏榜样。“去收拾东西回家吧!” 拉特纳辛格先生用严厉的声音指示。


一个小时后,拉特纳辛格先生把我叫回到他的办公室。 “你的东西都收拾好了吗?”他问。
我回答: “是”。


我们的世界到处都充满了仇恨。当我观看乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)的录像在世界各地传播,并听到那些为乔治的诉求及那些在事发当场见证警察把他逮捕在膝下的诉讼。多么多的心痛,伤害和更多的死亡在美国和周围的城市本都是可被避免的,如若那一个人愿意垂听和怜悯。

圣经说,人的心是极度的邪恶。罪有能力超越甚至是最忠诚的基督徒。即使是大卫(David),合神心意的人,也不被幸免。他犯下了最可恶的罪(撒母耳记下 11-12),并在被定罪时恳求上帝的怜悯……上帝啊,求祢怜悯我。


我们应当怎么行呢 ?
有一个男子在海边散步碰到成千上万被冲上岸注定要在烈日下死去的海星。他拾起了一个海星随手扔回水里。然后再一个, 再一个。。。
他又拿了一个扔进了水里, 说:“这对它是很重要的。”

一次又一次的怜悯, 如果我们如此行,人们就会在我们里面看见耶稣。他们会很想认识祂。