Saturday, 11th July 2020
Title: How to be Happy
by Pastor Soong Kok Kee

Psalm 146: 5 – “Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, Whose hope is in the Lord his God.”

Without exception, everyone wants to be happy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But many fail in their quest to find that elusive prize because they are looking in the wrong places.

Some think its money, so they go all out to get it, by hook or by crook. Many others get their money the proper and honest way – by working hard and saving their hard earn cash.

The Bible never condemns riches – only the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs (1 Tim 6:10).

Some think fame and status will make them happy, so they do all kinds of things to get famous. Now with Facebook, it’s easy to do that. Many think its power.

But our verse today reminds us that happiness comes to those who find their help and hope in God. With the pandemic, many people truly need help and hope.

Proverbs 16:20 says Whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he”. It affirms in many of my devotions when I say if we put our trust in God, He will be responsible; but if we trust in ourselves, we alone will be responsible. 

There are so many unknowns out there with this pandemic. Many things will only become clearer as we move on in the days and months ahead. Even the wisest  dare not predict how things will turn out. Our help, hope and trust is only in our Lord, our God and heavenly Father who will always have our best interests at heart.

So brothers and sisters, let’s continue to hope, trust and call upon Him for help and He will surely answer us. (Matthew 7: 7-12).

The foundation for our happiness is a proper relationship with our heavenly Father. But to fully experience that happiness, we must build on that foundation in practical ways.  Richard DeHaan gives this ‘Ten Rules for Happier Living’:

1. Give something away.
2. Do a kindness.
3. Give thanks always.
4. Work with vim and vigour.
5. Visit the elderly and learn from their experiences.
6. Look intently into the face of a baby and marvel.
7. Laugh often – it’s life lubricant.
8. Pray to know God’s way.
9. Plan as though you will live forever – you will.
10. Live as though today is your last day on earth.

These are excellent ideas for living a happy life. Undergird each of these rules with praise, and your happiness will be complete. Praise the Lord, O my soul While I live I will praise the Lord” (Psalm 146:1-2).

PRAYER: Dear Lord, thank you for reminding us that we can only find happiness in this world when we have a close and constant relationship with you. We need to come before you to put our trust and hope in you and you alone. When the path ahead of us seems so uncertain and frightening, all we need to do is to call upon you for help and we know you will never leave us nor forsake us. You will never allow us to walk alone in dangerous and unchartered waters. Thank you Lord. Please keep all of us healthy and safe so we can love you and serve you the rest of our lives. In Jesus name we pray all these. AMEN.  

星期六, 2020年7月11日
翻译 :梁玉萍姐妹
诗篇146:5 以雅各的神为帮助,仰望耶和华他神的,这人便为有福!


有些人认为福就是钱,所以他们全力以赴,想尽办法获得。其他许多人以正当和诚实的方式获得金钱, 就如通过努力工作和储蓄辛苦挣的钱。


有些人认为名望和地位会使他们感到幸福,因此他们会做各种事情来成名。 现在有面子书,就很容易做到这一点。 许多人认为是势力。

但是,今天的经文提醒我们,那些在上帝里寻求帮助和盼望的人会感到幸福。 在大流行中,许多人确实需要帮助和盼望。

箴16:20 说: 倚靠耶和华的便为有福。这确认了我在许多灵修中所说,就是如果我们倚靠上帝, 他将负责;但如果我们倚靠自己,我们将独自承担负任。

这大流行病带来了许多未知因素。 许多事情只有在我们今后几天和几个月中才会变得更加清楚。 即使是最聪明的人也不敢预测事情的结果会是怎样。 我们的帮助、盼望和倚靠只能在我们的主、我们的上帝和天父。他处处为我们着想。


我们蒙福的基础是在于和天父建立适当的关系。但是,要充分体验这种幸福,我们必须在这基础上有实际的行动。 理查德 • 德汉 (Richard DeHaan) 提供了以下的 “幸福生活的十个准则”:

  1. 赠送一些东西
  2. 做一件善事
  3. 常常感恩
  4. 有活力地工作
  5. 探访长者并从他们的经验中学习
  6. 仔细观察婴儿的脸,并赞叹小生命的奇迹
  7. 经常笑—这是生命的润滑剂
  8. 祷告寻求上帝的旨意
  9. 规划一切犹如生命不止息—你有永生
  10. 活得好像今天是你在地上的最后一天

这些都是过幸福生活的好主意。 用赞美来托着这些准则,你的幸福就会圆满。我的心哪,你要赞美耶和华! 我一生要赞美耶和华,我还活的时候要歌颂我的神。(诗篇 146:1-2 )

祷告:亲爱的主啊,谢谢你提醒我们,只有与你有密切和持续的关系,我们才能在这个世界上找到幸福。我们需要来到你的面前,只单单倚靠和仰望你。当我们面前的道路看起来如此不确定和可怕时,我们所需要做的就是呼求你来帮助。我们知道你永远不会离开我们,也不会抛弃我们。你绝不允许我们独自在危险和未知的情况中。感谢主, 请保护我们所有人都健康安全,在我们的余生,让我们能爱你,事奉你 。我们奉耶稣的名祷告,阿门。