Thursday, 2 July 2020
Title: “The Lord Reigns” So what?
Author: Hon Sir Neng

Psalm 97

When it concerns God, we tend to ask “so what?” Often times, we do not voice it out, but its reflected in our lives. We live the “so what” attitude; we take God for granted, despite knowing Him and all He has done. We hear things such as “God is great” or “God is the God of the whole universe” and we tell ourselves that it is cliché. It shows that we do not respond to Him rightly. However, this psalm calls us to think, to sing, as well as to respond appropriately.

Verses 1-5 describe God’s rule. Because of His rule, the earth rejoices and the coast lands are glad (v1)! In verses 2-5, we see vivid descriptions used to describe God. We see righteousness and justice as the very foundation of His throne (v2), fire burning all around (v3), God’s lightning that lights up the world and causes the world to tremble (v4), and even mountains would melt before God’s presence (v5)! I would encourage us to imagine these descriptions so that we can better understand what the psalmist is telling us.

Verses 6-9 speak about the response by God’s creation. “The heavens proclaim His righteousness and all the peoples see His glory.” (v6) Those who worship idols are put to shame, because all idols are worthless. They are nothing more than what God created them to be (i.e. stones, metals) (v7). If all of creation display and showcase God’s glory, why is it that we, as His people, do not do the same?

Zion, the City of God and a place where God’s people dwell, alongside with God’s people are glad and rejoice over God’s righteous judgment over all the earth (v8). This speaks about the response by His redeemed people over God’s act of decisive judgment throughout history. God’s people can be rest assured that God is protecting them from harm by His acts of judgment against those who oppose His people.

Verses 10-12 then end with a call for God’s people to live in light of this reality. They are to hate evil. God also preserves the lives of His saints and delivers them from evil (v10). This is the response that we ought to have. At the same time, God also fills His people with light and joy. Here we are reminded of God’s protection and blessings for His people. Though God’s protection for us might not be what we expect most of the time, we can be assured of our ultimate security. Just as the people of God in the Old Testament rejoiced and gave thanks to God for their security in the physical Promised Land (Zion), likewise, we rejoice and give thanks because of our security in the heavenly Zion.


Here are a few points for us to consider and to reflect as we pray. Do we take God for granted, by thinking/saying “so what” toward all of His greatness? Here we are called to celebrate and rejoice His rule over creation and His protection over His people. No matter how bad our current circumstances are in this current life, we can be assured that our security is found in Christ, where we will never be separated from His presence! This is the reality that we live in. Yet, are we taking this for granted and saying “so what”? If this is our attitude, may we also ask God for forgiveness and ask Him to restore to us the joy of His salvation in our lives.



标题:“主统治” 又怎样?




第1-5节描述了神的控制。由于祂的控制,愿地快乐,愿众海岛欢喜(第1节)!在第2-5节中,我们看到生动的描述被用来描述上帝。我们读到公义和公平是他宝座的根基(第2节), 烈火在他前头行(第3节),他的闪电光照世界,大地看见就震动(第4节),甚至诸山见耶和华的面,就是全地之主的面,就如蜡熔化(第5节)。我们可以想象这些描述。我鼓励我们所有人想象,以便我们可以更好地了解诗篇作者所表达的。