Friday, 26 June 2020
Title: Our help comes from God alone
Author: Prathab V

Psalm 121

1 I lift my eyes toward the mountains.
Where will my help come from?
2 My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Sometimes, when I am happy, troubled or stressed, I go and read the psalms. I find that I can relate to the psalms easily. They are my favourite part of scripture that I love to read them when I need a morale booster. Psalms encourage me. There seems to be a psalm for almost every occasion.

This morning, I look to Psalm 121, a short but beautiful psalm. This psalm is a scripture that you should consider marking on your bible. It reminds of a time once when I was walking back to my rented home while I was studying in the university. I was walking back with a sister from the Christian fellowship. As was the norm for me then, the conversation turned towards the Bible and God.

As we were talking and walking, the sister suddenly asked me: “How can one love the Lord so much?” I was stumped. At first, I didn’t know how to respond. Then, slowly, I volunteered a response “One can only love God having first understood how much he/she has been forgiven”. Then she asked another question: “How can I love the Lord greatly?” This time I was more prepared. I simply said: “Try sharing the gospel. Only when you share the gospel, you would know how much you know about the Bible and what you believe,” I said, adding that one’s faith will be tested greatly when sharing the gospel to unbelievers.

Sharing the gospel isn’t easy. The evil one knows the power of the Gospel and will do his utmost to frustrate every opportunity to evangelise or even try to destroy your testimony. During those times, do not despair. Psalms 121 encourages us not to look at to our strength, but God. Seeing the majestic mountains, the psalmist asks the question: “Where will my help come from?”

As soon as he asks the question, the psalmist declares that his help comes not from the majesty of the mountains, but from His majesty, the LORD God of Israel. Mountains are huge, strong and powerful. But they can’t help us in times of calamity. Only the LORD can help us.

If you are carrying a heavy burden this morning, fear not. Are you having challenges in relationships? Cast your troubles to Jesus. Are you worried about the future? Take rest in Him for He cares for you.

As the psalmist writes, your help comes only from the God of Israel. Seek Him and He will surely protect you and guide you. This is not just a song from the psalms, but it is a promise from the LORD God Himself.


Lord, as I look heavenward, let me be distracted by your creation. Let me come to you with a grateful heart always, in humility. In Jesus Name I ask. Amen

星期五, 2020年6月26日
作者:帕拉他伯(Prathab V.)


有时,当我快乐、烦恼或倍感压力,我会阅读诗篇。 我发现诗篇很容易让我产生共鸣。 诗篇是我在圣经里所喜爱的部份, 我喜欢在需要提升士气的时候阅读它们。 诗篇鼓励我。几乎每种场合都有一篇合适的诗篇。

今天早上,我读了诗篇121,一首短而美丽的诗篇。 你应该考虑在圣经里为本篇加以标记。 想起我念大学时, 我和一位教会团契的姐妹走回租屋。 就如当时的惯例,我们的话题转向了圣经和上帝。

我们边说边走,这位姐妹突然问我,「一个人怎么会如此爱主?」 我被问题难倒了。 我原本不知道该如何回应。 然后,慢慢地,我回答,「只有当一个人先明白上帝如何饶恕自己,他/她才能爱上帝。」然后她又问了另一个问题:「我如何深深爱主呢?」这次,我有较多的准备。 我只说,「尝试分享福音。 只有你分享福音时,你才能知道你对圣经和你信仰的了解。」我又补充,当你与不相信基督的人分享福音时,你的信心会受到极大的考验。

分享福音并不容易。 恶者知道福音的大能,并会竭尽全力地阻挠每个分享福音的机会,甚至毁掉你的见证。 在那时,不要绝望。 诗篇121鼓励我们不要只专注自己的力量,而是仰望上帝。 看着雄伟的山峰,诗人问道,「 我的帮助从何而来?」

当他那么一问,诗人宣称他的帮助不是来自壮观的高山,而是来自主以色列的神。 山岭高耸雄伟,但灾难临头时,它们却帮不上我们。 只有上帝才能帮助我们。

如果你今天早上背着沉重的负担,不要担心。 你在人际关系中遇到挑战吗? 把你的烦恼较给耶稣。 你在担忧未来吗? 好好地安居在主里,因为他眷顾你。

正如诗篇所写,你的帮助只来自以色列的神。 寻求他,他一定会保护并指引你。 这不仅仅是诗篇中的一首歌,而是上帝的承诺。

今日祷告:主啊,当我举目向天,让我能享受你的创造。 让我心存感激,谦卑地来到你面前。 奉耶稣的名求,阿门。