Monday, 22 June 2020

Title: What do you desire of God?
By: Ps Cheng Cheung

Psalm 27: 1-4

Yesterday, 21 June, was Father’s Day. So, I wish to ask fathers (mothers may chip in too!) a question: For those who have daughters, if your daughter were to ask you, “Dad, what should I look for in a husband?” what would your answer be? I put it to you, fathers and mothers, that you cannot go wrong if your answer to your daughter were to be “A man who loves God more than he loves you”.

Jesus said “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.” Matthew 22: 37-38 The first mark of genuine faith is a deep love for the Lord. And in Psalm 27, David expresses his love for and confidence in God in many ways.

At the start of the Psalm, David tells his readers what the Lord means to him. He does not say that the Lord gives light, but that he is my light; or that the Lord saves, but that he is my salvation. and that The Lord is the strength of my life. We sense the intimacy of the relationship that David has with the Lord in the words he chooses. It is an intimacy and an assurance borne out of real-life experiences that David has gone through with the Lord. Thus, he is able to say what he says. And, as if to clinch it, he asks two rhetorical questions:

Whom shall I fear?
Of whom shall I be afraid?

The answer is “No one. Absolutely no one.”
David can testify, I shall not fear man, for “what can man do unto me?” Nor shall I fear if an army encamps against me, or war rise up against me. Neither shall I be afraid of the evil one nor of his wicked cohorts who come against me, for they can do nothing to me without God’s permission.

After recounting instances in days past whence the Almighty kept and preserved him, David now takes a step back. Do we not do that, brothers and sisters, when we withdraw and spend meaningful time with the Lord, reflecting on our walk with Him? It is so important to soak in God’s word and feed our spirits. In the light of God’s word we need to do self-examination and honestly ask our inner selves what is the ‘thing’ which dominates and consumes our lives? Verse 4 tells us David did this and here is his conclusion:

One thing I have desired of the LORD,
That will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the LORD
All the days of my life,

That is what David wanted. And it is interesting how he expresses it. Amid all his joy and jubilation and confidence in God’s deliverance, time and time again, he now says, “There is still one thing which I need, which I entreat you Lord God Jehovah to grant me : – that I shall continue to seek after until I obtain it, namely, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.” But we miss the point if we stop at this part of the verse.

David loved the Lord, and could think of no better way to express that love than to make his abode in the temple itself, surrounded every day by the presence and beauty of God. He could think of no greater occupation than to fill his mind and heart with the goodness and greatness of God. We, as children of the new covenant, have been given the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. One of the roles of the Holy Spirit is to point us to Christ and the beauty of His character and nature. He who has seen Christ, has also seen the Father (John 14:9). Through the Holy Spirit, we are able to dwell in the house of the Lord and behold His matchless beauty daily. Would you make this request of the Lord for yourself this day?

Prayer for today

Gracious Heavenly Father, once again we thank you for another insight into David’s life. We can only guess at the many challenges he faced, both from within and without, yet his faith and confidence in You was unwavering. Likewise, his love for the Lord God, who was his light, his salvation and his strength. Help us, in the same way, to desire daily to dwell in God’s abiding Presence, all the days of our lives.
In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

第27: 1-4

昨天,6月21日,是父亲节。 因此,我想问父亲们(母亲们也可以参与!)一个问题: 对于有女儿的父亲们,如果你女儿问你,「爸爸,你觉得我未来的丈夫应该是个怎样的人?」你会怎么回答?无论是父亲还是母亲,如果你的回答是「一个爱上帝胜过爱你的男人」,那么你绝对没错。

耶稣说:「你要尽心、尽性、尽意爱主你的神。这是诫命中的第一,且是最大的。」(马22: 37-38)真正信仰的第一标志是对上帝深挚的爱。 在诗篇27,大卫用很多方式表达了他对上帝的爱和信靠。

大卫在本篇一开始就告诉读者上帝对他而言具有多大的影响。 他不是说上帝给了光,而是说他是我的光;他不是说上帝拯救,而是说他是我的救赎。 上帝是我生命的力量。 透过大卫所选择的词汇,我们可以感受到他与上帝的亲密关系。这亲密感与确据是来自于大卫在现实生活体验上帝的经历。因此,他能够说出他所说的话。 而且,他似乎要再强调,加了两句修辞性疑问句:


答案是: 「不用惧怕任何人。」大卫可以作证,我不会害怕,因为 「人能把我怎样呢?」 我也不担心军兵围攻,或者战争兴起。 我也不怕恶者与敌人攻击,因为若没有上帝的允许,他们什么也做不了。

大卫回顾全能的上帝如何在过去的日子里维护和保护他之后,他退一步。 弟兄姐妹,当我们安静与主共度有意义的时光并思考与主同行的路程,难道我们不也这样吗? 沉浸在上帝的话语和滋养我们的灵魂是多么的重要。 根据上帝的话,我们必须自我反省,诚实地问自己,到底是什么「事物」支配和消耗我们的生活? 第四节告诉我们大卫做了这件事而这是他的结论:「有一件事,我曾求耶和华,我仍要寻求,就是一生一世住在耶和华的殿中」

这是大卫所要的。 他如何表达这意愿也相当有趣。 在感受上帝的救赎所带来的喜悦、欢欣与确信当中,他一而再、再而三地说:「 我曾向耶和华求一件事,我还要求,就是能一生住在祂的殿中」。 但是,如果我们只停在这节,我们就错过了重点。

大卫爱上帝,他认为住在上帝的殿,每天在他的同在与荣美是最佳表达爱的方式。除了以上帝的恩惠与伟大填满他的心, 他想不到任何比这来得更好的方法。 作为新约的子女,圣灵是我们珍贵的礼物。 圣灵的工作之一是向我们指明基督,以及他美善的品格。看见基督的就等于看见父 (参约翰14:9)。 透过圣灵,我们可以住在主的家中,每天瞻仰他无人能及的荣美。 你今天会这样求主吗?


慈爱的天父,再次感谢你让我们能够从大卫的生命得到亮光。 我们只能猜测他曾面临许多挑战,无论是里或外,但他对你的信心是坚定不移的。 同样,上帝是他的光、他的救赎和他的力量, 他对上帝的爱也毫不动摇。求主也同样地帮助我们,一生都在上帝永久的同在里。