Wednesday 10 June 2020
Title: Trust and Pray
Author: Ps. Wallace

Psalms 10:17-18 (NKJV)
17 LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, 18 To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, That the man of the earth may oppress no more.

Martin Luther once said about Psalms 10:2-13, “There is not, in my judgment, a Psalm which describes the mind, the manners, the works, the words, the feelings, and the fate of the wicked with so much propriety, fullness, and light, as this Psalm.” (Martin Luther, cited in Charles Spurgeon)

We often have heard people saying, “If there is God, why so many bad things happen, and so many bad people in this world did not being judged but prospered?” Very often, we also have heard this complaint from Christian.

These psalms express the heart cry of the psalmist, either what he was going through himself or he witness in his surroundings. When we are overwhelming with oppress either experiencing it in our own life or seeing people around us going through the pain, sometimes we cannot help but protest to God, “Why do You stand afar off, O LORD? Why do You hide in times of trouble? Why do You let the wicked people continue to get away from the evil things they have been doing and triumphant? Why do You allow bad things to happen to good people? Why do You allow suffering in this world?” The psalmist shows us in verses 17-18 where he turned to God in prayer after he stated the lamentation of his heart. He placed his trust in God.

When the wicked are predators, and we are their prey, or we experience great suffering or difficulty, or we see the things around us that give significant burden or grieve to our hearts. We must remember to trust God, who can help us. Believe He is in control of all things, He will listen to our prayer when we humbly submit to Him and know that God calls all people to account before Him and be responsible for their actions in due time. God is all-powerful, merciful, loving, and He hears the desire of the humble. And not only does He give ear to them, but He will also strengthen their heart as they pray to Him – vv17.

There is a long time faithful servant of God shared with me that, “After many years of serving in ministry, I become more holy each passing year because of many ‘holes’ all over me. I have taken many punches under the belt. But every time I was persecuted, I looked up to the patience and tenderness of Christ; When I had no peace, I asked: Lord! Please give me your peace; When I felt frustrated, I asked: Lord! Please give me your patience; When I was tempted, I asked: Lord! Cover me with Your holiness; When I felt weak, I asked: Lord! Strengthen me with Your power. These are the precious promised assurances from the throne of God has given to me. Once upon a time, Jesus had lifted all my burdens and set me free; Right now, I am standing on the promises of God, turning every trial into an opportunity of blessings.”


Dear Heavenly Father,
We praise your name for your power, your rule, your sovereign reign, and your love for all those who love you and humble himself before you. We praise you for listening to those who are hurting and crying out to you. You give ear to those who are praying on their behalf. You hear their desire in prayer, and you will help the oppressed. O Lord, thank you for using us to act on your behalf in prayer and any manner of help. Help us O Lord, in experiencing suffering and difficulty – we place our trust on You; in seeing the things that burden and grieve to our heart – we bring to You in prayer; in time of challenges and being tempted – we set our eyes on You.

In Jesus’ name, we ask and pray. Amen.

Ps. Wallace

星期三, 2020年6月10日


对于诗篇10:2-13,马丁•路德(Martin Luther)曾说过:“依我的判断,没有一首诗篇能像这首一样,如此合宜、完全和深入地描述恶者的思想、举止、行为、言语、情感、和终结。” (马丁•路德,引自查尔斯•司布真)

我们经常听到人们说:“如果有上帝,为什么会发生那么多坏事,而这个世界上还有那么多坏人没有被审判却享有兴盛?” 很多时候,我们也听到基督徒这样的抱怨。

这些诗篇表达了诗人的心声,无论是他自己的经历或是发生在他周围的环境中。当我们面临巨大的压抑,无论是自己的生活中经历压迫,或者看到周围的人正在遭受痛苦时,我们忍不住向上帝抗议:“上帝啊,你为什么站在远方?为什么在麻烦时刻躲藏起来?你为什么容许邪恶的人一直做邪恶的事情并取得胜利?为什么你允许坏事发生在好人身上?这世界为什么有苦难?” 在第17-18节,诗人表达心中的哀痛之后便转向上帝祈祷。因为 他信任上帝。

当恶人是掠食者,而我们是他们的猎物,又或者我们遭受巨大的痛苦或困难,或是我们看到周围的事物给我们的心增添了沉重的负担和感到悲伤,我们必须记住并要相信那位可以帮助我们的上帝。相信一切在祂掌控之中,当我们谦卑地顺服祂时,祂会听我们的祷告。 并要知道所有人都要向上帝交代,并在适当的时候对他们的所作所为负责。上帝是全能的、仁慈的、充满爱心的、他听到了谦卑人的渴求。祂不仅会倾听他们的声音,而且当他们向祂祈祷时,祂也会坚固他们的心(十七节)。