Thursday, 7 May 2020

Proverbs 7

Sexual immorality has been present as early as the Old Testament period. Israel’s neighbouring countries participated in orgies as part of their worship rituals. It was present throughout the New Testament period as well. It is not an issue that makes the 21st century distinct. But it manifests itself in different forms. In this chapter of Proverbs, the author writes as a father giving advice to his son about wisdom and how to respond to adultery. Before you go on, I encourage you to read the whole chapter before moving on from here. Take note of the descriptions which the author gives.

In verses 1-5, the author urged his son to keep his words and treasure up his commandments. The attitude should be one of diligence and whole-heartedness. The son is to look at the teaching as the apple of his eye, something bound upon his fingers and written on his heart. He is to also treat wisdom as his sister and insight his intimate friend and to keep away from an adulteress, who is a forbidden woman. We see the author reminding us to practice wisdom when it comes to sexual immorality.

Moving on, we see verses 6-20 describing about a young man who is “simple” and lack sense, as well as the “attraction” of an adulteress woman. Due to the young man’s lack of sense, he walks near to the adulteress’s corner, near to her house. Here we see a description of a man who does not practice wisdom by putting himself near-sexual temptations. Of course, the adulteress catches him off guard with her “attraction.” Verses 10-20 describes her attraction in such a manner that would draw the man towards her and how she would seduce him.

Verses 21-23 describe the consequences. As the adulteress seduces and attracts her, the man is likened to an ox to be slaughtered, a stag being caught fast and a bird running into a snare. Even worse, the last phrase says “he does not know that it will cost him his life.” This speaks about the danger and the threat which sexual immorality brings if one does not exercise wisdom. The consequences come unknowingly. It spares no one and it does not care about your awareness.

The father ends with an advice to the son at verses 24-27. He calls the son to be attentive to his father’s advice and not to let his heart turn to her ways. The reason is because there are many victims, even those who are “seemingly” mighty or strong. Her destructivity is not just within this life, but even the life to come. The last verse tells us that “her house is the way to Sheol, going down to the chambers of death.” It estranges us from our God.

In conclusion, let us remember the words of this proverb. Let us all exercise wisdom in dealing with all sorts of sexual immorality (in thought, speech and different kinds of acts). By doing so, may we flee from our sexual pleasures that are worldly and immoral. May we as God’s people be found far away from the corner where the adulteress (and sexual immorality) stays. This is not just for the men; it is for the women also.

The Gospel calls us to live for Him and not for the pleasures of this world, because our bodies belong to Him. Ultimately, those who dwell in sexual immorality will not inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-11). Let us all as God’s people, by His grace, flee from sexual immorality. Because Christ purchased our body by His blood and His Spirit dwells within us. May we glorify God with our bodies (1 Cor. 6:18-20)

Hon Sir Neng




作者在一至五节敦促他的儿子遵守他的话语,珍惜他的诫命。他应有的态度是勤奋和全心全意。 他应当视法则如同眼中的瞳人,系在指头上, 刻在心版上。 他也应该把智慧当作他的姐妹,称呼聪明为亲人,远离被禁止的淫妇。 作者提醒我们要以智慧处理淫乱的问题。

往下看,六至二十节描述无知,缺乏理智的少年人,以及一个淫妇的魅力。 由于少年人缺乏理智,他走近淫妇的住处,向着她的家走去。这里形容一个男人没有操练智慧,反而接近性的诱惑。 当然,淫妇趁少年人不警惕時吸引他。十至二十节描述她如何以不同的方式引诱对方。

二十一至二十三节记述了后果。 当淫妇诱惑他时,少年人被比喻为将被宰杀的牛,又像戴锁链的愚昧人,又如同雀鸟急入网罗。更糟糕的是,最后一节说道:”却不知是自丧己命。” 这说明淫乱所带来的危险和威胁。如果一个人不操练智慧, 后果不堪设想。 它不会放过任何人,也不管你有没有意识到危机。

父亲在二十四和二十七节给了儿子一个忠告。 他呼吁儿子注意父亲的建议,不要让他的心转向她的手段。 这是因为有很多受害者,即便是那些看似强大的人。 她的破坏性不单单是在今生,甚至是在永恒。 最后一节告诉我们,”她的家是在阴间之路,下到死亡之宫。” 它能疏远我们与上帝。

最后,让我们记住这箴言。 让我们都运用智慧来处理各种不道德的性行为(思想,言语和行为)。 这样,我们可以脱离不道德、属世的性愉悦。 愿人人看出来我们作为神的子民,远离淫妇(和淫乱)所停留的角落。 男人、女人都要注意。

福音要求我们为上帝而活,而不是为了属世的快乐,因为我们的身体属于他。 最终,那些活在淫乱当中的不能承受上帝的国(哥前 6:9-11). 让我们作为神的子民,靠着他的恩典,逃离淫乱。 因为基督用他的寶血买了我们的身体,他的灵住在我们里面。 愿我们用我们的身体荣耀他。(哥前6:18-20)