Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Proverbs 28.13
People who conceal their sins will not prosper,
but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy. TLV

This verse of scripture teaches us the right attitude to deal with sin in our lives. None of us is exempted from this issue of sin. How do we deal with the issue of sin will directly affect our lives now and for eternity. This verse tells us what not to do and what to do with sin and why.

“Whoever conceals his sins will not prosper”

All men sin. When we sin, we have a choice. We can keep the sin to ourselves, hide it from others, not mention even to God, and most likely we will do it again when the opportunity or temptation comes again. Charles Spurgeon in his sermon on this Proverb, listed seven ways how men attempt to cover their sins, all of them in vain.

  1. Excuses and justifications
  2. Secrecy
  3. Lies
  4. Schemes to evade responsibility
  5. Time
  6. Tears
  7. Religious ceremonies

Since Adam and Eve, human instinct leads us to cover or hide our sins. Nobody likes to admit sin, guilt, and shame. It is much easier to conceal it. We run and hide. We cover it up. We blame others. We pretend it never happened. Or pretend that it wasn’t that bad. We have almost perfected the art of concealing our sin. To the extent, we think we can even hide it from God. One other way to deal with sin is to do some good things or works to counteract our sinful deeds. We will try very hard to make sure our good deeds will ease our guilt and cover our shame. But this Proverb states that covering up our sins is not the right way to deal with sins.
In the Old Testament, we see Adam and Eve tried to cover up their sin and shame by making leaves to cover themselves. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake. They run and hide (Gen. 3.7-8). Saul tried to hide his sin from the Prophet Samuel. Saul lied, he obeyed God only partially. It was convenient to lie, but God was not fooled and neither Samuel was fooled.

“Will not prosper” is the result of hiding or concealing our sins. This word “prosper” is not just limited to financial prosperity. This word literally means “to come on mightily; to be forceful” that is to say “to have an overpowering force, with the resultant successful action.” It speaks of succeeding at an endeavour, flourishing, thriving, and being victorious. It is often used of God causing a person’s ways to prosper. In Gen. 39.2 “And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man.” This speaks of Joseph being a successful man – not just wealthy.” The point is when we hide our sins, we will not be successful.

Not only we are unable to hide our sin from God, but hidden sin also brings misery to us. King David committed adultery with Bathsheba and murdered her husband Uriah. For about a year, David “kept silence.” He did not repent before God. He was out of fellowship with God. After a year or so David wrote this Psalm 32.
David described his misery when he was out of fellowship with God
Psalm 32.4-5.
• My body wasted away,
• I groaned all day long
• God’s hand of discipline was heavy on him
• He dried up
• Life was miserable

The second part of this verse says, ”but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”

Praise God! God wants all to have fellowship with Him, but sin must be removed before the sweet fellowship begins. “Confess” is to acknowledge or admit our sin or guilt.
1 John 1:9 New Living Translation (NLT)
9 But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.

We must come humbly to accept sin as sin. No more excuses, no rationalization, and no attempt to justify our actions. We have sinned against God. With our confession, we not only received God’s grace and mercy, but we turn away from sin. We forsake sin. That’s what true repentance is all about. When we come to God for mercy, He will graciously show us His mercy. Immediately our relationship is restored and fellowship resumes.

Psalm 32 New Living Translation (NLT)
1 Oh, what joy for those
whose disobedience is forgiven,
whose sin is put out of sight!
2 Yes, what joy for those
whose record the LORD has cleared of guilt,[b]
whose lives are lived in complete honesty!

Please read Psalm 51 and 32.

Prayer for today

I prayed to the LORD my God and confessed:
“O Lord, you are a great and awesome God! You always fulfil your covenant and keep your promises of unfailing love to those who love you and obey your commands. 5 But we have sinned and done wrong. We have rebelled against you and scorned your commands and regulations. 6 We have refused to listen to your servants the prophets, who spoke on your authority to our kings and princes and ancestors and to all the people of the land.” Daniel 9.4-6

O Lord God, we humbly come before you to confess our sins as individual, as a family and as a church. We confess to you our pride, our stubbornness, our rebellious attitude towards you. Because of this we have broken our relationship with you, with members of our families. We ask for your forgiveness. Restore us back to you and to one another. Help us to increase our love for Jesus and our family. Help us to grow into spiritual maturity.

James 5:16 New Living Translation (NLT)
Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

Confession is not limited to God. Confession of sin before others and asking others to pray for us to get right before God. Real, deep, genuine confession of sin has been a feature of every genuine awakening or revival in the past 250 years. (Trapp)
O Lord, we yearn for a fresh revival today. With this pandemic, we pray all people will humble themselves to seek your face and turn from our wicked ways, and you will hear from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land.

O Lord, sin has caused so much misery in our lives and in our homes. May your Holy Spirit come and reveal these hidden sins in our hearts. Help us to confess to you, remove these sins and set us free. Grant us humility to confess our sins to each other and heal our homes. O Lord, remove the guilt and shame and restore your joy and fellowship with you and our loved ones.
We asked this in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Pastor Isaac Yim.






所有人都犯罪。当我们犯罪时,我们有选择。我们可以将罪恶躲藏起来,向他人隐瞒,甚至不向上帝提起,当机会或诱惑再次出现时,我们很大几率会再次犯罪。查尔斯•司布真(Charles Spurgeon)在这段箴言的讲道中,列出了人类掩盖自己的罪过的七种方式,所有都是徒劳的。
1、 借口和理由
2、 保密
3、 谎言
4、 逃避责任的计划
5、 时间
6、 眼泪
7、 宗教仪式



“必不亨通”是隐藏我们罪过的结果。 “亨通”不仅限于金融繁荣。这个词的字面意思是“勇往直前”;“变得有能力”,就是说“拥有极大的力量,即获得成功”。这里说的是成功完成任务、繁荣昌盛、取得胜利。经常用于上帝使一个人“亨通”。在创世记39:2中:“耶和华与他同在,他就百事顺利”或“耶和华与他同在,使他凡事亨通(CCB当代译本版本)”这说明约瑟是一个成功的人,而不仅仅是富裕。关键是当我们隐藏自己的罪过时,我们不会顺利。

我们不仅无法向上帝隐瞒我们的罪过,而且隐藏的罪恶会给我们带来痛苦。大卫王与拔示巴同房,犯了奸淫,谋杀了她的丈夫乌里亚。大约一年,大卫“不做声”。他没有在上帝面前认罪悔改。他不与上帝相交。大约一年后,大卫写了诗篇 32篇。

• 骨头枯干
• 终日哀叹
• 上帝管教的手在他身上沉重
• 他如同夏天的干旱
• 他的生命痛苦




1 得赦免其过、遮盖其罪的,这人是有福的!
2 凡心里没有诡诈、耶和华不算为有罪的,这人是有福的!



“我向耶和华─我的神祈祷、认罪,说:主啊,大而可畏的神,向爱主、守主诫命的人守约施慈爱。5 我们犯罪作孽,行恶叛逆,偏离祢的诫命典章,6 没有听从祢仆人众先知奉祢名向我们君王、首领、列祖,和国中一切百姓所说的话。”但以理9:4-6