Friday, 24 April 2020

Proverbs 24.3-4 ESV

By wisdom a house is built,
and by understanding it is established;
by knowledge the rooms are filled
with all precious and pleasant riches.

King Solomon is also well known for his grandeur in building the Temple of God, his many palaces, stables to all his collection of horses and chariots, and the numerous beautiful palaces for his wives and concubines. He is not just talking about building just structures. He is talking about building homes, families, and individuals. He boils down to three very important elements to be successful in building our houses our homes and our lives or our church. These three elements are Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge. The most wonderful thing is that they are freely available to all who search for them.

Here Solomon says we not only build, but also maintain, and furnish a physical house or a home. The word, “build” means to set up, to erect, to construct, or it can mean to rebuild or repair.

Proverbs 8:12-14 (NIV)

12 “I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence;
I possess knowledge and discretion.
13 To fear the LORD is to hate evil;
I hate pride and arrogance,
evil behavior and perverse speech.
14 Counsel and sound judgment are mine;
I have insight, I have power.

By wisdom a house is built. Wisdom is prudence. It also refers to wisdom in handling practical matters with good judgement or common sense. People with wisdom also have the ability to plan ahead. They have the ability to keep themselves from being misled. Jesus instructed the disciples, “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves” and this is prudence. Be wise and not be naïve as we go about building our homes and our lives.

By understanding a house is established. Understanding is referred to as intelligence, insight, skill, reasoning, and discernment. It takes planning, effort, thought, skill, and understanding to build and maintain a house or a home. Established means to be firm, be stable, make secure, make ready, to stand in an upright position. This house is built to withstand, the storms of life. If our home is built and established with wisdom and understanding, we as a family will be able to go through the tests and trials of life.

By Knowledge, a house is filled with valuable things. Once the house is built and is maintained, it also needs to be tastefully furnished. A house that is filled with valuable and pleasant riches not by greed, and dishonesty but by wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Material wealth is never spoken as evil in the Bible. The Bible is not against the possession of wealth but it cautions us not to be possessed by WEALTH. The warning is against loving these precious treasures, hoarding them, being selfish with them and making idols out of them. Material possessions are themselves neutral. The real issue is our heart’s attitude towards them. Is easy to build but hard to maintain, just look around our once beautiful public buildings but a few years later they became dilapidated and falling apart due to neglect. This is true with many marriages. We started well but due to lack of loving maintenance, our families are falling apart.

When you see someone with a beautiful, well-constructed, well-furnished house or home, we know they must have put in a lot of hard work of wisdom, understanding and knowledge, to be what it is today.


Maintenance: One of the big issues of maintenance in the home is relationship. Husbands love, wives submit and children obey. These scriptural injunctions that cause much conflict in the home. This past week in our devotion on wives’ submission and children’s obedience, may have ignited some interesting discussion in your home or homegroup. It is easier to see results when we as children of God set a good example to those we talk to. We must walk the talk. We must submit in the Lord when the submission is not against the scripture. I know of a young Christian girl was asked by the mother to put a charm to the suspected lover of the father. This young Christian lady told her mom, “Sorry, I can’t do it because I am a Christian.” There is much conflict in obedience between parents and children is in the area of choosing of career. This is a very tricky one. I understand my role as a father to two lovely girls is not to dictate to them what I want for them. My is job is to guide them to seek the mind of Christ for their lives together with them. Once they have decided that’s what God wants them to do, I will give my best to help them to achieve it with the help of God. Parents let us be careful! Please don’t impose our unrealized dream on your children.

Wealth: This is another area of great contention and strife in the home. Is not so much as to what we have or don’t have. The real issue is what is wealth to us. We must recognize all that we have belong to God. We are but stewards or managers of the wealth God has given to us. How do we gain our wealth? How do we use it? Are we contented with what we have? In our current situation many of us are facing, the reality of losing our jobs, pay cuts, and if the MCO prolongs, we might run out of money. I pray that we will not fret but trust God and his providence. In reality, this is where the family is so important. PBC is a family of God’s people. We are here to support each other. I know many are shy to share their needs. It is difficult to read minds if we don’t share. No one will know what to do to help. I assure you that we will not embarrass you when we try to come alongside you during this is a difficult time. Please call me or any of the pastors, elders, deacons and deaconesses. We count it a privilege to walk alongside with you.

Pastor Isaac Yim


箴言 24章 3- 4 节

24:3 房屋因智慧建造、又因聪明立稳.
24:4 其中因知识充满各样美好宝贵的财物


箴言8 章 12 – 14 节
8:12 我智慧以灵明为居所、又寻得知识和谋略。
8:13 敬畏耶和华、在乎恨恶邪恶.那骄傲、狂妄、并恶道、以及乖谬的口、都为我所恨恶。
8:14 我有谋略、和真知识.我乃聪明.我有能力。







财富:这是家庭中另一个引起激烈争执的问题。与其说我们拥有或没有,不如说真正的问题是我们对财富的定义是什么。我们必须知道我们所有的一切都属于上帝。我们只不过是上帝给我们所得的财富的管家。我们如何获得财富?我们如何使用它?我们满足于我们所拥有的吗?在我们目前的情况下,我们许多人都面临着失业,减薪的可能,如果行动管制令延长,我们甚至有可能会用花光我们的金钱。我祈祷我们不会烦恼,而是要相信上帝和祂的供应。实际上,这是家庭如此重要的地方。 PBC是上帝子民的家庭。我们在这里互相支持和鼓励。我知道有许多人都不好意思分享他们的需要。如果你们不分享出来,是很难得到帮助的。没有人会知道该怎么做才能提供给你们所需要的帮助。我向您保证,在这个困难时期,当我们尝试伸出援手时,我们不会让您感到尴尬。请打电话给我或任何牧师,长老,执事和女执事。我们很荣幸与您同行。