Thursday, 9th April 2020

Proverbs 9:1-18

If wisdom and folly was a person, what description would you give to them? In this passage, the author gives a picture of what wisdom looks like in real life. It was described as a woman with certain quality traits.

Firstly, the author tells us in verse 1 that wisdom “has sewn her seven pillars.” This is a description of wisdom’s perfection and prudence in building a house. Secondly, in verse 2 the author says wisdom has “slaughtered her beasts; she has mixed her wine; she has also set her table.” This is a description of wisdom’s delight through a feast. Lastly, verse 3 says wisdom “has sent out her young women to call from the highest places in the town.” This shows us that wisdom is inviting us! In other words, wisdom is just around the corner for us to lay hold on!

What do all these descriptions of wisdom mean for us today? Looking into verses 4-6, we see the author that Lady wisdom is calling and inviting us, who are simple-minded, to feast and grab hold of wisdom in her house! This is not to say we must have Einstein’s IQ. Rather, it is speaking about being simple in the sense of ignorant and not exercising wisdom. Lady wisdom is calling us who lack sense and simple to turn to her and “walk in the way of insight” (verse 6). Wisdom is there for us!

Moving on, verses 7-12 gives us descriptions and contrast between a wise and foolish person. The wise will love you, grow wiser and increase in learning when being corrected or instructed (v8-9). But a foolish person would hate the one who corrects them. This simply shows us what it means for us to be a wise person – do we hate being corrected or do we value it for our growth? Of course, the author goes on to say wisdom is attained through the fear of the Lord. It is not attained by self-discovery (or enlightenment) like how many gurus or motivational speaker described. Neither is it pursued by our own terms. It is pursued by God’s term (or His rule), which is to fear Him!

Lastly, the author describes lady Folly in verses 13-18. It is described that Lady Folly is loud, seductive and knows nothing (verse 1). It is waiting for us outside her doorsteps as we walk past it! That is to remind us that folly is everywhere. Sometimes it does look attractive to our sinful senses. However, verses 16-18 described Lady Folly who calls the simple (ignorant) and those who lack the sense to join her. Lady Folly would make folly look attractive when it is obviously distasteful (verse 17). Ultimately, Lady Folly would lead on into their spiritual death (v18).

As we come to the conclusion, let us as God’s Spirit to help us reflect on these questions in light of the passage we read:

  1. Are there any areas of our lives where we are pursuing Lady Folly without us realizing? (i.e. not willing to be corrected)
  2. Do we deliberately pursue Lady Folly, despite knowing the consequences, which is spiritual death?
  3. How do we respond to people’s correction and reproach? Is wisdom exercised as we listen to them?
  4. As we pursue Lady Wisdom, do we pursue it by the fear of the Lord by going to His Word in humility and prayer or do we pursue it on our own terms?

Brothers and sisters, wisdom is just around the corner and calling us to grab hold of her. Let us examine ourselves in light of this passage and ask God to give us wisdom in our lives. As James 1:5 reminds us “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” As we pray, let us ask God for wisdom in faith, trusting and knowing He will give us wisdom as we live our lives in Christ.

Hon Sir Neng


箴言书 9:1-18

假設智慧與愚蠢如我們人一樣,我們會如何描述他呢? 在這篇經文,作者讓我們看到真人智慧與愚蠢的形象。他用了女人的屏隔來描述。






  1. 我們是否無知的追求愚蠢歸人?(比例:我們是否不願意被人指著)
  2. 我們是否知道後果,就是靈命末亡,也故意的追求愚蠢歸人?
  3. 我們對指著的反應是如何?我們是否有應用智慧來聆聽他人?
  4. 我們是否已敬畏耶和華的心,在他賜給我們的話語和禱告裡追求智慧?還是我們應著自己的標準來追求?