Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Proverbs 7

Good morning PBC family and friends, I thank the Lord that He continues to hold us together as a big family. I thank the Lord for my fellow pastors joining me to share the daily devotion. Pray that we will continue to read a chapter of Proverbs a day and ask God to grant us Wisdom to live victoriously daily for Him.

The wise father continues to hammer in the importance of the word of God that can help us to stay away from sin. His warning is still very relevant for today. Watch out for the subtlety of sexual sins that crouch at our door. Like a roaring lion waiting to swallow us up. The only way to keep safe is to have God’s word soak us up. Write it in our heart, tie it on our fingers, keep it between our eyes, walk with it. By doing so, He will protect us from falling into adultery by the flattery of an immoral and promiscuous woman. (Proverbs 7.1-5)

The father then uses a graphic story to teach his son to watch out for the steps that lead to adultery – sins of all kinds. This story starts with a naïve young man wandering down the street in the evening.

“A naïve young man” is one who is devoid of understanding, no common sense, inexperienced, gullible, vulnerable to many temptations.

Satan is described as the angel of light. His best strategy is to make sin seem right and desirable. Sexual sin and temptation are attractive. pleasurable, not bad at all, and nobody will know. Sin conceals the ugliness and destructive power behind a façade of beauty. But behind that beautiful façade is misery, sorrow which will eventually lead to a dead end.

The story in Pro. 7.6-23 reveals to us the fine art of seduction. She dresses to kill. She grabs him and kisses him. She flatters him. She invites this simple guy over to her home. I have done all my religious duty. I have been looking for you. She assures him everything is ready for a night of fun. My bedroom is ready. My husband is gone for a long trip. He did not give a second thought about the offer and went after her. The tempter says, “Come, let’s drink our fill of love until morning.” Or “You can have sensual pleasure without commitment or responsibility. Stay until morning.”

Pro. 7.22-23 describes the sad ending of this story. He was led as an ox to the slaughter; as a fool caught in a trap; and like a bird to the trap. “He did not know it would cost his life.” A few minutes of pleasure cost him his life.

We are living in a time where such sexual sins are acceptable. It is even openly practised without guilt or shame. We are still religious people but living without repentance. We enjoy intimacy but without commitment. We have pleasure but not worry about the consequences.

The last section, the father concludes with this reminder. Proverbs 7.24-27
24 Listen to me, young men, and not only listen but obey; 25 don’t let your desires get out of hand; don’t let yourself think about her. Don’t go near her; stay away from where she walks, lest she tempts you and seduces you. 26 For she has been the ruin of multitudes—a vast host of men have been her victims. 27 If you want to find the road to hell, look for her house. (Living Bible)

Prayer for today

Have mercy on us, O God, have mercy, we look to you for protection. We will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until the Covid-19 passes by. Psalm 57.1
Father, we are grateful and thankful for your daily protection and provision for all our needs. Lord, the lockdown makes us stop to relook at our lifestyle and our priority. Grant us your wisdom to make necessary changes in such a way that our lives will please you.

Lord, we confess that we live lives as if you don’t exist. Our worldly values have messed up our families. May you have the rightful place in our home as the head of our home. Help us to start the fire of family alter in each of our homes. Where we can read the Bible and pray together as a family.

Lord, we call on you for mercy and forgiveness. Teach us to put our totally trust in you at times like this.

Thank you, Lord, for Proverbs 7, here you have given us clear instructions to walk with you and stay far away from the tempter’s snare. Lord give us grace to heed the warning of sexual sin and temptation. We pray that you will keep us from playing with sin. May we at your word flee from adultery and every temptation. Lord, if we are on this slippery road of adultery, please pull us back. O Lord, help us to run away, help us to see the power of sin and not be fooled by it. We pray for wisdom. Help us to make wise decisions every day. Keep our hearts pure and holy. Lord without you we will surely fall.

Father, we commit our family to you. We commit every member of our family to you. Teach us to appreciate each other, spend meaningful time that can build each other up. Help us to resolve our family squabbles and conflicts, help us to overlook each other faults by forgiving each other. Grant us peace and harmony In each of our homes as we love one another. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Pastor Isaac Yim



PBC的家人和朋友,早上好。感谢主,他依旧使这个大家庭能团结一致。我也感谢主我的牧者同工能与我分担每日灵修的服事。 求主帮助我们每天持续阅读一章箴言,并求神赐给我们有智慧过得胜的生活。

智慧的父亲不断强调上帝的话语可以帮助我们远离罪。 他当年的警告对我们依然非常适宜。 他劝告要当心蹲在门外,不易察觉的淫罪,因为它像一只咆哮的狮子等着吞噬我们。 被保护的唯一方法就是吸取上帝的话。根据箴言七章一至五节,他嘱咐要把上帝的话系在指头上,刻在心版上;保守他的法则,好像保守眼中的瞳人。 这样,他就会保守远离淫妇,远离说谄媚话的。之后,父亲描绘一个故事,教导儿子要注意那些导致行奸淫的事物。这故事始于无知的少年人晚上在街上徘徊。

「无知的少年人」是一个缺乏理解力,没有常识,缺乏经验,轻信,又容易受到许多诱惑的人。 撒旦被描述为装作光明的天使。 他最好的策略是使罪看起来正确可取。 淫行和诱惑具有吸引力;使人愉悦,感觉也不怎么恶,没有人会知道。罪却把丑陋和杀伤力藏在美丽的外表背面。 在这假象的背面是痛苦,悲伤也终将止于死胡同里。

故事在七章六至二十三节里揭示了诱惑的艺术。 妇人为了杀人而打扮。她拉住那少年人,与他亲嘴。 她用谄媚的嘴讨好他。 她邀请这无知的少年人到她家,对他说,「我已经尽了我所有的宗教义务。 我一直在找你。」 她向他保证,为了有趣的夜晚已做了一切的准备。 「我的卧室已准备好了。 我丈夫不在家,出门行远路。」 少年人立刻跟随她,完全没有做任何的思考。 妇人说:「我们可以饱享爱情直到早晨。我们可以彼此亲爱欢乐,不需要留下承诺或负责任。」

箴言七章二十二至二十三节描述了这个故事的悲惨结局。 他被引到牛的宰杀之地,又像愚昧人戴锁链去受刑罚,如同雀鸟急入网罗,却不知是自丧己命。 几分钟的快乐让他丧失生命。 我们生活在一个可以接受淫行的时代。 随心所欲的性行为不会带来内疚或羞愧。 我们虽然有信仰,但没有过悔改的生活。 我们喜欢享受亲密关系却不想要被承诺束缚。 我们感到愉悦,但不担心后果。 在本章的最后一段,父亲的提醒作为总结。

「24 众子啊,现在要听从我,留心听我口中的话。 25 你的心不可偏向淫妇的道,不要入她的迷途。 26 因为被她伤害仆倒的不少,被她杀戮的而且甚多。 27 她的家是在阴间之路,下到死亡之宫。」


父,我们感谢你每天的保护和供应我们所有的需要。 主,透过封城,我们能停下来重新检讨我们的生活方式和优先顺序。 求你赐我们智慧去进行必要的改变,好使我们的生命会讨你喜悦。 主,我们承认,我们活得好像你并不存在。我们的世俗价值观也破坏我们的家庭。 愿我们把你摆在应有的地位,成为我们一家之主。 帮助我们在各人的家庭开始点燃家庭的祭坛 。 在那里我们可以全家一起读经祷告。

主,我们祈求你的怜悯和宽恕。 教导我们在这样的时刻完全的信靠你。

主,感谢你,箴言第7章给了我们明确的指示,要我们与你同行,远离诱惑者的网罗。 主赐给我们恩典,使我们听从关于淫行和诱惑的警告。 我们求你使我们远离罪恶。 愿我们听从你的话逃离奸淫和一切试探。 主, 如果我们走在这条奸淫的湿滑路上,请把我们拉回来。 主,帮助我们逃跑,帮助我们看到罪的力量,而不会被它愚弄。 我们祈求智慧。 帮助我们每天做出明智的决定。 保持我们的心纯洁和圣洁。 主,离了你,我们一定会跌倒。

父,我们把我们的家庭交托给你 。我们将家中的每一位成员交在你手中。 教导我们互相欣赏,花有意义的时间一起彼此建立。 帮助我们解决我们家庭中的争吵和冲突,帮助我们彼此原谅,互相忽视对方的缺点。 赐我们每个家庭享受和平,和谐,彼此相爱的生活。 奉耶稣的名, 阿门。