Pastor Samuel Nesan

Pastor Samuel Nesan graduated with a Bachelor’s of Theology and Diploma in Counselling from the Bible College of Malaysia, shortly before joining the pastoral staff at Pantai Baptist Church (PBC). He recently completed his Master’s in Christian Studies at Malaysian Theological Seminary (STM).

Prior to studying for his Bachelor’s, Samuel worked in the youth ministry of Calvary Assembly of God from 2009-2012 and was subsequently responsible for establishing an apologetics ministry, which entailed speaking at Christian Fellowships at various colleges and universities on the subject of defending the Chrstian faith.

As such, he has participated in a plethora of interfaith dialogues and debates. He is also an avid sportsman and formerly, travelled the country to coach as well as to play badminton.

As for the scope of his ministry at PBC, Pastor Samuel is actively involved in mentoring and engaging the youths in Youth Ministry as well as those in the College and University group. True to his roots, he is still zealous about apologetics and doesn’t mind sharing such infectious enthusiasm with those who are interested.

Besides being a regular fixture in the Youth and Young Adults Ministry, Pastor Samuel also helps out at the Boys’ Brigade and puts his passion of sportsmanship to practice in the Sports Ministry.