Reaching the Unreached People Group for His kingdom work

The Nepali ministry’s prime target is bringing the Gospel to the Unreached People Group (UPG) and engaging in evangelism, discipling and equipping migrant workers while they reside in Malaysia. This is all done so that they can return home to continue kingdom work in their respective hometowns and countries in the UPG region.

Some of our regular activities are pastoral care & counselling, Christian education (Certificate of Theology), community service, and Sunday English and guitar classes. We are looking for volunteers to drive on Saturday night to Shah Alam and to PBC on Sunday afternoons on a rotation basis – one month every quarter – and also individuals who would like to contribute refreshments and meals to those attending Sunday worship services.

If you wouldn’t mind serving as English teachers or joining our Nepal mission trip to engage in church planting work in Nepal, kindly contact :-

Man Hon Shiew
(+6) 012 631 8600