The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few

Proposed mission trips 2017

Destination & Dates

Pitas, Sabah – Leadership Training for Pitas District (17-18 March 2017)

Pitas, Sabah – Pitas Boys’ Brigade Camp (19-21 March 2017)

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – The Boys’ Brigade Jireh Home Platoon Camp (22-24 March 2017)

Grik, Perak (24-26 March 2017)

Bakelalan and Lawas, Sarawak (4-9 April 2017)

Manila, Philippines (Feeding Centres; Youth Camp for Sponsored Children; Good Friday-Easter Holy Week) (23-30 April 2017)

Grik, Perak (Dental Mission) (8-11 June 2017)

Kalimantan, Indonesia (VBS & Children Choir; Micro-financing; IT project; Counseling Support @ Bethesda Mission Hospital) (23-30 June 2017)

Cebu Island, Philippines (Marginalized Children; Prison Ministry) (2-11 September 2017)

Chiangmai, Thailand (Ministry at orphanages and refugee camps) (15-22 September 2017)

Yong Shan, Kunming (Visit Miow tribe at Six Well Village; Children Ministry) (13-19 October 2017)

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