Build up ladies' spiritual walk

In this ministry, we seek to share each other’s burden and pray for one another. We also desire to reach out to the unsaved, and in so doing, befriend them and share the gospel with them. In addition, we desire to enhance our spiritual walk with God through Bible study classes every Wednesday morning for the benefit of those in our Ladies Fellowship Ministry. To help build up our spiritual walk, LFM has organised various talks and retreats on various topics.

The LFM has featured talks on topics like beauty & grooming and the Proverbs 31 “Wife of Noble Character”, educational counseling, a crime prevention talk and on various health issues like cholesterol, colon-rectal cancer and diabetes. We have also arranged fun trips like the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya and the committee members celebrate each other’s birthdays and even go shopping together! We had a Day Retreat on June 20, 2015 on “Our Attitudes in Adversities” at Boulevard Hotel. We also held a Silent Retreat on August 8, 2015.

LFM needs a photographer and those who are good at managing refreshments. We also need ladies who are IT savvy or who are musically inclined, or even those with particular skills to share.

For 2016 the LFM has the Happy series:
"Happily Single" to celebrate our single sisters.
"Happily Married Ever After" to help couples take an inventory of their marriage.
"Happily Serving the Lord".
LFM also has a day retreat on "How to Prevent Burn Out Among Caregivers" and a Silent Retreat

If you would like to know more kindly contact :-

Mrs. Liew