Reaching out to needy people by helping them to solve their problems

It has been in existence unofficially and on a volunteer basis since the beginning of 2014 but it became an official ministry of PBC in November 2015.

There is a three-pronged approach to counseling at PBC

1. Counseling of individuals, couples, or families who are struggling with life’s various demands and looking for real solutions. We welcome not only PBC church members, but also anyone who are Christians or non-Christians.

2. Showing pastoral care by visitations to needy people in our midst, i.e. immobile, senior or sick people, or single parents, divorced couples, or grieving families etc. to minister to them through our presence and support.

3. Offering helpful workshops, seminars, or conferences related to family issues, to PBC members throughout the year. The first will be a 7-session parenting skill workshop starting in early April 2016.