Our PBC Community Board has just been launched! 

This initiative, in line with our Vision to be a loving and caring church that glorifies God in evangelism and disciple making, helps match members with needs to members who can meet those needs.

The mechanics of this initiative are simple:

1. Members with needs ("Applicants") fill up a Community Board Form. These needs could include accommodation, used furniture/electrical appliances, and jobs (applications to be treated with confidentiality).

2. Once approved, the Church Office will post the necessary details on the PBC Community Board, which will be strategically placed within the Church.

3. Members browsing the PBC Community Board who can assist the Applicants will contact them directly (save for Applicants for jobs - the Church Office will assist for this). 

Terms and Conditions:
a) All Applicants must be PBC members; 
b) All applications must be in writing and signed by Applicants; c) All applications must be inserted into the collection box (details to be announced);
d) The Church Office reserves the right to edit applications before posting on the PBC Community Board; and
e) Applicants must deal with responders sincerely and genuinely.

For more information, please contact our Church Office at 03-7957 5103 or email office@pbc.my.