Join Boys’ Brigade for an unforgettable experience!

Order and discipline are some of the many virtues you will learn here in the Boys’ Brigade (BB).
The BB meets every Saturday (unless otherwise notified) from 2.00pm to 6.30pm. A typical day's programme comprises:

2.00pm  Fall In and Worship with Music
2.45pm  Bible Study
3.30pm  Tea Break
3.50pm  Badge Classes
4.30pm  Drill
5.15pm  Games
6.30pm  Fall Out

We warmly welcome all youngsters aged 6-19 to join us and for those over the age bracket, we still invite you to serve as Helpers, Instructors and Officers. We are a church-based uniform unit that takes part in drills (marching), Bible Study, worship, games, badge classes (where we learn new skills and acquire badges), band practice and so much more every week! We also organise many camps throughout the year for our members that feature uniquely memorable experiences!

To know more about the Boys' Brigade, kindly log on to :-

Chairman/ Captain: Bro. Lee Henn
Vice Chairman: Sis. Karen Choy
Secretary: Sis. Joyce Lim
Asst Secretary: Sis. Yvonne Chin
Treasurer: Bro. Kevin Kok
Asst. Treasurer: Bro. Daniel Chin
OIC of Junior Sec:  Sis. Yap Kim Ngeok
Comm member of Pre-Junior Section: Sis. Foo Wee Lee