Baptism! Our responsibility to Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Lord!

Baptisms! One of the many ways to show our dedication, obedience and thanksgiving to God for giving His precious Son as our Redeemer and Lord, baptismal classes are conducted four times a year on the last Sunday of every quarter. All candidates have to attend the classes before they can be baptised and must schedule an appointment with the Lead Pastor afterwards for a brief interview!

Although there is no fixed quorum of baptismal candidates, we normally begin having classes the moment we get 4 or more. PBC’s only requirement before one can be baptised, is that he or she ought to be a born-again Christian. Those under 18 years old need parental consent.

We are in the process of revising our baptismal notes. Interested parties can acquire a copy from Wendy at the church office. We also have an opening for a sister-in-Christ to aid us in organising face-to-face sessions for those who request to be baptised but are unable to attend the normal classes.